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    Epidural side effects

    A friend had knee surgery with an epidural a few days ago, but they haven't released him because he can't urinate. His experience reminded me of my inability to urinate following childbirth, decades ago. I wondered if there was a connection with the epidural and found this Other common side...
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    Fat blocking Pepsi hits Japan stores

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    Copper oxide pillow cases reduce wrinkles

    September 2012 study in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
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    Watercress for skin beauty

    Dr. Perricone recommends eating watercress daily also
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    Tibetan Natural healing

    A friend recommended this site to me She has severe sleep problems due to Hashimotos and is trying the Sleep Assist formula. She says she now gets to sleep in 15 minutes, wakes up in the night, but gets back to sleep. To keep her company, I decided to try the...
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    Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Nutrient Density Chart

    I meant to watch him on Dr. Oz yesterday but missed it. Found this chart online
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    7 ways melatonin attacks aging factors

    Interesting article in this month's Life Extension magazine
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    Banana peels cure depression?
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    Dentist told me to knock off diet soda

    I hadn't been able to give up one or two diet sodas a day even though I knew it wasn't great drink. But in my last dental visit, the dentist asked what I drank during the day, and strongly discouraged diet soft drinks. He said they contain three kinds of acid! His recommendation was green...
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    Andrographis for colds, flu

    Andrographis works for me! I take it on the first day of a cold and it usually goes away. Andrographis is an anti viral herb that's popular in Europe but not well known here. Its available on iherb, vitacost, amazon..the usual. Its good to keep on hand because not every local health food...