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    Which vitamins are good for skin and hair

    Hair requires a lot of nutrients to be grow and healthy. Vitamin A, B, C, D, or E are the best vitamins for skin and hair growth. Consuming enough amount of protein and zinc helps repair hair tissue.
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    Which natural remedies, plans, herbs etc has worked best to improve your Diabetes 1?

    For type 1 diabetes, you should include complex carbohydrates in your diet. These carbohydrates are present in brown rice, beans, lentils, oatmeal, whole wheat, fruits, and vegetables.
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    Is this too many vitamins for one day?

    Vitamin supplements are good for your health but don't take them too much. Otherwise, it results in bad side effects. If you take vitamin A for a longer time, it can cause coarse hair, cracked lips, rough, and dry skin. However, keep the number of vitamin supplements to a minimum to get its...
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    Natural Hair Care

    To take care of your hair naturally, consider some essential points. These points include massaging your scalp, eat healthy food, condition your hair, get sufficient sleep, etc. Also, Don't forget to use natural hair products.
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    Vitamin B12 supplements

    Vitamin B12 supplements improve your energy level and keep your blood cells and body's nerves healthy. It also protects megaloblastic anaemia which makes people weak as well as tired.
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    vitamins and minerals can improve your health

    Yes, it is true that vitamins and minerals can boost your health. And, you should consume several minerals and vitamins such as iron, zinc, protein, vitamin A, B, C, D, E, folic acid, etc. regularly.
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    Coconut Oil - A Superfood

    Coconut oil boosts heart health because it has several healthy fatty acids. Adding it to your diet can help reduce hunger, seizures, and also good for your skin, teeth, and hair.