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    DST infection's timeline and help

    Hi all, I finally decided to tell you my whole story. I feel that I need urgent help or something really dangerous can happen to me. About 8 months ago, at the age of 23yo, I had an unprotected sexual contact, oral and passive. I also kissed the girl considerably a lot, but no intercourse was...
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    Hi, I had this issue in my head the whole day. Inflammation is a weapon the immune system has to fight pathogenic agents. Why are anti-inflammatory things good, then? (I am talking about the natural ones, obivously, like Omega-3) Thanks
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    Hi all, I was recently tested positive for HHV-6 and HHV simplex 1. From the extensive list of tests they did on me, those were positive and active. My infections (I suspect HHV-6 is the problematic one now) are really acute, causing me a huge list of symptoms. I was lucky to discover what I...