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    What do You Think of This Statement - All disease is...

    All disease is caused by vitamin or mineral deficiencies.
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    Supplement that Causes Catarrh?

    This is strange. Lately, after taking several supplements, I get a runny nose. This had never happened before. Right after taking Magnesium, D3, K2, Krill, CoQ10, flaxseed, chia seed, I get the catarrh. Anyone know of what supplement might be causing this? Maybe I've reached saturation...
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    Himalayan Salt - a Diuretic??

    I read that HS is a diuretic. Lately I've upped my intake of HS, but quickly gained 2-3 lbs. Seems it's NOT a diuretic, but acts like regular sodium, which makes your body retain fluids. I googled a dozen websites and couldn't find HS being a diuretic again. I may lower my intake to around...
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    SALT - The Bad vs Himalayan vs Sea vs Real

    PinBallSuperMan is right. It's all about bad sodium vs natural sodium/salt. (refined vs unrefined) Processed is 99% what you find in fast food restaurants; practically all their items are FULL of the bad sodium. From here on, I'll say just salt - bad salt vs (natural) good salt. Those...
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    Coconut Oil - A Superfood

    Okay, lately I've started taking again and upped my coconut oil. I've read the best is virgin, cold pressed, unrefined, organic, raw and in a glass jar COCONUT OIL. Am taking 1 Tbsp in my half cup coffee in the a.m. and somehow take a 2nd Tbsp in the evening, sometimes just eating it raw, put...
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    Magnesium Blood Tests are Worthless - You're Probably deficient

    Been reading on magnesium and found that those blood test they typically give you are worthless, maybe less than worthless - says Carolyn Dean, MD, ND(author of The Magnesium Miracle) and many other experts on magnesium. Those tests test the serum which is the amount of Mg in the blood...
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    Kava Root? Taste? Strain it?

    Looking at something I'd never hear of, Kava Root. 1) can anyone describe what it tastes like? (I read it tastes like a fresh, woody, almost a pine taste) but it is an acquired taste, like black coffee is an acquired taste. 2) should you really strain it, or can you just slug it down...
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    Ever Forget Whether You Took a Vitamin or Not?

    I sure have. I'd look at my Vit C bottle and just stare at it for 30 seconds...did I take that this morning or not??? :confused: So I came up with this system. I line all the bottles up and once I take that one, I'll push it back on the shelf. If it's a bottle I take twice a day, I'll keep...
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    Is Collagen Better than Gelatin?

    ...for degenerative disc? Maybe Doug is one of the top experts on this...hope he can pipe in. Maybe I should take both? Thanks in advance for any help. (I wasn't going to do any posting today, Sunday, and then read Doug's post on this, then KindCreature piped in too.)
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    Avoid Cataracts

    Just want to throw this in here, in case noone's seen it in a long time. I had to have cataract surgery a few years ago. Just a couple days ago, I think I found out why I got them. For many, many years, I'd been deficient in vitamins C, E and D3. On the online vit/mineral tracker I use, I'm...
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    Plain Ole Jumping Jacks

    Just doing plain ole jumping jacks is a great exercise. It really gets your lymph system moving. Easy to do and you can do them just about anywhere; even in the winter when you don't feel like tramping around in snow, but can do them in the warmth of your house. I found this out...
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    Just Curious What Everyone Had for Breakfast

    ...more as a learning thing - some might pick up some good tips/habits. :wave: I'll start it off. First, tried to earn my breakfast with 100 jumping jacks, 50 squats, 50 military presses, doing the bridge, the MacKenzie back exercises...then it was time for food! A smoothie with 2 bananas...
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    Quote of the Day

    You see, you don't get old from age, you get old from inactivity, from not believing in something. JL
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    Potassium? Citrate Okay?

    Man it's a bit tough to get all your potassium by food alone. 4 bananas and a large potato give only about 1/3 of what you need. (4700mg) So lately I'm taking Bulk Potassium Citrate. Anything wrong with that? Seems to me it'd be okay.
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    What Could Be the Cause of my High Pulse Rate?

    Recently have been taking supplements and the Vegan Diet plus Salmon and my blood pressure and blood results have been terrific! But my pulse often stays high. Actually sometimes it's normal, around 70 and sometimes it's high, over 110. And of course my pulse and BP monitor shows I have...