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    First time home-buyer needs some advice

    Their are plenty of books on this subject, from plenty of "experts" but i would like to hear some advice from real people. Me and my wife are renting--been renting for a long time. So many people keep asking "why!" like it's sinful or something. I am well aware that being a homeowner pays in...
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    If your Canadian, come on in here...i'd like to talk

    Let's say i wanted immigrate to Canada from the states....what steps would i have to take too be able to legally work and live there? Just tossing around the idea, i'd like to see how tangible this would actually be.
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    Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Alpha-GPC

    I've been taking ALCAR for a while now and i think it's great. I have never taken the Alpha-GPC, but i am very curious to try it out as it seems to be the superior over other forms of choline (at least from what i've been researching). The only thing i am wondering is would combining both be a...
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    Survivalism....and prepping for the worst.

    I won't get too carried away here. All i am trying to find out is what the consensus on this board would have stockpiled in case of the worst where you would not have access to the grocery store and fresh mainly. De-hydrated goods? Nuts? Oats?.....what? Water is at the top of my...
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    Vitamix or Blendtec...

    It's either or for me and i am willing to spend the cash after seeing demo's on both. I really do not want to hear about another blender besides the two that i have listed. If you own either or, please give me some feedback on why you think it's a good brand. Thanks.
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    Lecithin or choline?

    Seems to be some debate over this topic. Just curious as to what some people on this forum might have to add...
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    cognitive enhancers

    Acetyl l Carnitine Choline Alpha-GPC Tyrosine These are some names that keep coming up in my searches for brain/cognitive support. Anyone else have experiences with these?
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    Juicing for greens or buy green supplements?

    It's either i buy a juicer or find a good, green-powdered supplement to take. In the long run i don't know what is going to be more beneficial to me. I am pretty sure nothing beats raw veggie juice, but the cost...?? This is why i'm asking.
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    How much protein do YOU think is necessary to build muscle

    I read so many different threads, mainly online exercise forums about protein consumption to build muscle. Some people say 1-2g per pound of bodyweight, some say less, some say it's all a myth--just load up on the aminos. At 33 years of age i'm trying to be a little smarter about things...
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    Critique my supp stack please....

    So i went out today and bought some supps to alleviate some issues im having with energy, anxiety, depression... My stash is as looking like this: Vitamin D3 5000 iu GABA 500mg Rhodiola 500mg CAL/MAG CAL(1g) MAg(500mg) B-50 Methyl B-12/sublingual 5000mcg Multi-vit mineral Flax-oil pills...
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    Any alternative method to get off Prozac/Ativan Combo?

    My Psych wrote me a script for these 2 on Wednesday. I am not a stranger to SSRI's, i have taken several. The Benzo (ativan) i had never dabbled with until this week. These were given to me for my ongoing, long bouts of social anxiety/phobia. I have been dealing with this my whole life, and...
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    Green smoothie diet

    I've seen and heard a lot about this. Just wondering if anybody else has tried it out. Also was wondering if its totally necessary to buy a vitamix as well...i know they are great blenders, i just can't fathom spending 500 plus on one. The main reason i'd like to try this is i am hoping it...