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    Parts of the Body A-Z

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    Parts of the Body A-Z

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    Hello fellow naturalists!

    Thank you!
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    Hello fellow naturalists!

    Thank you.
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    A-Z Actors/Actresses Alive or Dead

    Oh, my bad. lol
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    Let's Build The Biggest Potluck A-Z

    Macaroni and Cheese
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    A-Z Actors/Actresses Alive or Dead

    Jim Carrey
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    Cities in the World A-Z

    Hell, MI
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    Double Letters in Words A-Z

    Attitude. "Attitude equals Altitude" by Unknown so true
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    Extreme reactions to vitamins and OTC meds

    My issues were arthritis which I basically stopped/cure or however you want to term it by taken 2-3 times a day liquid herbal extracts of Boswelia (which is another form of Frankincense), Devil's Claw, and Dandelion root extracts for the inflammation and detoxification of my inflammed joints...
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    Extreme reactions to vitamins and OTC meds

    I'm sorry you are having these issues but I have learned that even with taking natural herbs (which I have been religiously daily doing for over 4 years now) that I have researched and found that some herbals despite their great benefits have adverse with certain prescribed medications. Like...
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    Resetting Me

    I'm glad that you were true to yourself with this aspect because I am the same. I eat mostly healthy but not vegetarian or vegan because I'm just not there. But I do take herbal extracts for my health and issues because that is where I am and I'm comfortable with that.
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    Alternative Treatments for Covid In Trouble

    It works but too much of the sun's ultraviolet rays is not good for you and can produce the cancers you've and others had. In the attached article, it warns that if you're not a darker skinned person that you should only be in the sun for an half hour max. Please the article for your information...
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    Hello fellow naturalists!

    Thanks! Sorry for the delayed response I had a death in the family.