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    This forum is DEAD!! Postings are slow to non-existant. Wonder why? Could it be the BigPharma ads at the top of the page? I'm outa' here. Good luck to the rest of you, who will compromise you're beliefs for a few extra bucks and the guarantee that no one will ever speak out of line. Gimme'...
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    Engineered Foods

    If you thought you had something to worry about with GM foods, wait 'til you see what nano-technology is going to bring you with Engineered foods. Soon, real foods will be a thing of the past. Goto:
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    Nuts To You

    Dr. Robert Rowen reported in an email letter, that cholesterol can be lowered using a tasty snack. HAZELNUTS. I'll paraprase his report here: "Researchers recently conducted a well-controlled study on men with high cholesterol. They started them on a low-fat, low cholesterol diet for four...
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    Site Uncertainty

    My only concern with this site is the BigPharma ads attached to it. I know they have to pay the bills, but I get a little nervous when I see this. Any other people feel the same?
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    Ethiopian Foods

    I wandered into an ethnic grocery in my city without specific intentions of buying anything and came across engera. It's a bread like pancake made from TEFF, a special grain grown in Africa, and now in the USA. It's fermented, mixed with oil/water and then fried. It tastes like sweet...
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    MS Cured

    Harvard medical school just discovered vitamins! They published an article that states that B vits are successful in the treatment of MS. Only problem is that this info was published over 40 years ago by a brilliant doc, Robert Klenner of North Carolina. This was recently reported in the...
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    Lately, I've been bothered with flatulence. Noisy, not smelly. I know that I can take a supplement to reduce gas, but I'm really curious to find out what is causing it. My diet is low-carb, with good supply of fresh veggies/fruit and yogurt as well as supplements.
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    Here's a site for the old guys/gals on this forum. George Burns had a 90 year career in show business and was an icon. This site tries to memorialize him in an interesting way. Goto: ENJOY!
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    Here's a very interesting and comprehensive article on magnesium. I supplement with this mineral and I think this article will clear up a lot of confusion about whether or not to use it. (what type, how much, how often etc.) It's from Vitamin Research Products. They sell various supplements...
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    World's Happiest People

    Here's a site that includes a group of scientists that traveled the world to try and find the healthiest people. Now they are on a quest to find the happiest people. You may agree or disagree, but it is a fun site.
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    Modern Health Care

    Two patients limp into two differerent medical offices with the same complaint. Both are having trouble walking and appear to require hip replacements. The first patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed on site the same day and has a convenient time booked for surgery, the following...
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    Olive Oil Computer Chips

    Here's another creative use for olive oil. We know it's good for our bodies, now, it will be used in our computers! :lol: A Canadian team has created a semiconductor using oleic acid, the main ingredient in olive oil. Now you'll be singing "Volare" when you surf the net! :lol: :lol...
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    Dirty Purses

    Snopes posted an article about women's purses, where they tested the bottom of 40 or so purses for E-COLI and found one in four contaminated. Women take their purse into the rest rooms at work, restaurants, etc. place them on the floor beside the commode, and then go home and place them on a...
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    Magic Pill?

    Here's a site for a pharmaceutical company that is working on a new class of meds called A.G.E. Crosslink Breaker. I'm interested in it's BP lowering characteistics because it shows little or no bad effects on the body. I don't like having to take BP meds that show...
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    Here They Come

    Heard a 30 second sound bite on CBS radio that spoke about a new NIH (National Institutes of Health) concern that Americans are taking too many vitamins and minerals/herbs and they could be overdosing. They suggest that the 23 billion dollar market be regulated, (by them of course) to...