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    Please Help Infected Wound Spreading

    I had cut my knee about 10 days ago in Mexico while on vacation. I noticed it bothering me the other day and now I can see my leg is swollen and there is redness all over. I had a fever yesterday and achy muscles, but this morning it seemed to subside. My leg doesn't seem to be getting better...
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    Cheaper alternative to Allimax/Allicin This is a cheaper alternative to buying Allimax or Allicin, though it may be uncomfortable at first to some.
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    Problems with digestion

    So the last few days I have been eating very light ( steamed veggies and rice) and juicing. I have been having some digestive problems I believe and this has only solidified my thoughts on this. When I eat the steamed carrots and broccolli they come out the other end about 8 hours later...
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    Question about a herbal formula

    I found a recipe for a formula that says to put Garlic, Onions, Habenaro peppers, Horseraddish, ginger, and parsley chopped up in apple cider vinegar for two weeks. Strain, bottle and take a couple of drops before each meal in water. I know all of those things do good stuff for the body, but...
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    Thinking of doing a colon irrigation.

    I am thinking of doing a colonic or colon irrigation and was wondering if any one has any input good or bad in regards to them. I have read contradicting info on them ( just like everything else I've tried thus far) and figured I was ask the very knowledgeable Nat Med Talk community. I have...
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    Jofus's food pyrimid...

    Raw, organic eggs. After doing extensive research for the last few months I have come to the conclusion that raw organic eggs are the only food that is good for you. Well kind of, they do have enzymes in the that help block digestion of certain nutrients, but we have to be able to eat...
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    what should I look for in a Cal/Mag supplement

    What should I look for in a good Cal/Mag supplement? Darn. I forgot to add tags. Sorry admins, I am trying to remember that.
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    Need advice for my 8 year old son

    My 8 yo son's foreskin is swollen, and red at the tip. There seems to be a clear sticky type discharge on it as well. He has not yet been able to retract his foreskin all the way. This had happened a few years ago and I took him to a urologist. He was given antiboitics and the DR. said it...
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    Low Blood Sugar Increases Infection Risk

    I found this on the Mercola website. I will post the link below. It is a study that a Dr. did in the 50's about the link between low blood sugar and polio infection. He also points out the fact that low blood sugar may also increase the risk of other infections. Reading this study now, it...
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    Flagyl before,during,after treament ?

    I am going to try a week course of Flagyl that my doctor prescribed me after I brought up trichomoniasis as a possibility for my condition. I know antiboitics are hard on the body and I am wondering what I should do before/during/and after to help my body in dealing with the ABs, and repair any...
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    Little girl needs help

    A six year old girl who is close to me is having urinary problems. She has to go to the bathroom frequently, with little amount of volume. She has also been having problems with wetting herself, during the day and night, and she told me that her privates "tickle". She also told me that there...
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    Green Powder recommendation?

    Can anyone recomend a good quality green powder that I can add to my juices. I am going on a juice fast and I have read about adding these green powders to juices, but there are so many, and I'm not really sure what I should be looking for.
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    Oxidants and anti-oxidants

    If we are consuming a lot of anti-oxidants, and our bodys are not as oxygen rich as thy should be, are we not hampering part of our own immune system? From what I am understanding, our body readily uses oxygen in our system to kill pathogens and for other healing purposes. We do not get as...
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    Warning, this is a stool question.

    Hope this is the right place for this question, and sorry about the graphic details. I was wondering what it means when you see undigested food in your stool. More specificaly, with in 24 hours of consumption, I have seen pieces of red pepper, carrot, and long grain brown rice in my stool...
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    Should I exercise while sick?

    So my body is fighting something, and I haven't been to the gym for about two months because of it. I am thinking it my help to get my body active again. Should I go back to the gym, and work out and run at like %50. I know that it is better than do nothing, but I don't want to tax my body...