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Default magnetic mattress and pillow pad dependency

Hi Guys,

About 16 months ago I purchased a magnetic mattress pad and a magnetic pillow pad off of Ebay. I had read a book called 'natural cures' by Kevin Trudeau. After reading the book, I started eating organic whole foods and I saw some positive changes in my body including a reduction of acne and weight loss. Well since some of the diet suggestions helped I thought I would try other things in the book that he suggested. One thing he recommended was a magnetic mattress.

Well I put the magnetic mattress & pillow pad on my bed about 16 months ago. For the first few nights I didn't sleep very good. Than for a short while I was sleeping about 12 hours a day. After that I pretty much forgot it was there, and the months rolled by. The gauss of the magnets are 3950. And the mattress pad is very thin, so I am sleeping pretty much directly on the magnets, so there the power of the magnets is not diffused much over distance since the magnets are right there.

Well a few weeks ago I went to visit my brother in Montana for 1 week. I slept on his couch and I didn't have the magnets. I slept awful all week long. I would wake up in the middle of the night and maybe get 5-6 hours of sleep a night total. I usually get 9 hours of sleep every night. Well when I returned to my home I started sleeping pretty regularly again, so I just attributed the disturbance in sleep to stress while I was away from home.

But than I got the idea that maybe it was because I didn't have the magnets to sleep on. So I took out the mattress pad and pillow pad I had forgotten about. Well my sleep went from 9 hours a night to 5 hours a night at best. Some nights I would get less sleep. Than after about 10 days I started getting indigestion all day long after every meal. After 2 weeks of not sleeping with the magnets I put the magnets back in. It has been a few days since I put the magnets back in and my digestion and sleep are slowly returning back to normal.

I have never had a problem with my digestion or sleep in my life. Before I got the magnets I slept fine and digested fine. After I got the magnets I slept fine (after a few adjustments early on) and my digestion is fine. But now it seems my sleep and digestion is dependent on me sleeping on the magnets. This is freaking me out a little bit because if it is affecting my sleep and digestion it could be affecting other things over the long term, plus it appears I have a dependency.

Well I have done a few searches through google. And it seems that some people think that a magnetic pillow pad can stimulate the pineal gland in the head to produce melatonin when the gauss of the magnets is over 3000. My theory is that after I first got my magnetic pads, the magnets were stimulating my pineal gland to produce more melatonin. But my body was producing too much melatonin at this point (perhaps when I was sleeping 12 hours a day) and my body started to compensate by 'downregulating' melatonin, or producing less melatonin naturally. So now I think my body has created a dependency on the stimulation of the magnets to produce a correct amount of melatonin.

I also came across a study where magnets increased the acidity of stomach acid some kind of animal. I think my body may have created a dependency on the magnets stimulating enough stomach acid similar to how it got the melatonin dependency that I described in the last paragraph. It compensated for too much acidity at first and now it needs the magnets. At least that is my theory. Because I believe my indigestion that I had when I removed the magnetic mattress pad was due to insufficient acid in my stomach.

Well my idea is to try to wean myself off the magnets over a long period of time by buying lower gauss rated magnetic pads. Maybe go from 3950 to 3000 to start, than from 2000 to 1000 etc. Because when I tried to go cold turkey, my symptoms seemed to be getting worse every day even after the first week.

I am hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. Or maybe someone has personal experience or knowledge about magnetic therapy. I am very interested in any advice or reference you can give me. I have 3 books on hold at the library about magnetic therapy, so I may have something to add in the future. Thanks for reading this long post.
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Hello Minds eye,
Interesting post, since we are a bio-logical, bio-electric, bio-chemical designed life creation...
~Assuming that you have the positive polarity of your bed facing upwards, you might also readjust the polarity of your head toward the magnetic north to northwest to fine tune for your personal comfort. [Though this may or may not be enough, to bring a noticeable result.]
There are quiet a few "variables" to work with to fine tune the mind-body delta/theta Hz.wave that you're seeking with your methods, such as your geological location and other environmental conditions...and then the correlation of these does have personal cyclic changes as time progresses within your life.
There is one other influence to be factored in, which involves the magnetic relationship of our earth cycle, which all life is being effected by...
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