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Default Are Normal Medical Lab Tests Comprehensive Enough?


My Mother is 90 years old. Western doctors have been trying to get her BP and blood thinner stabilized for 2 years now. Her heart has been a little erratic here lately but she says her heart tests haven't shown any abnormalities. She's been hospitalized & in the re-hab center for the above a couple of times. They don't seem to be having good results. They just seem to be switching medications around for her BP & thinner. She was on Plavix but now is on Coumadin. She also gets tired easily & her legs get wobbly, plus she's fallen twice in the last two weeks. To me this points to a deficiency;maybe nutrient or some other component of her biochemistry? I also don't think pharmaceuticals will resolve any deficiencies although some she is taking may be causing deficiencies. They have her on Omeprazole for GERD & it's known to interfere with calcium absorption & Vitamin B12. Sure enough, they're giving her B12 shots periodically. I'm trying to get her to try acidopholus, aloe, or some kind of pro-biotic to replace her proton pump inhibitor. Is there a possibilty that the normal testing done during her inpatient & outpatient visits may not have tested for certain things & by not doing so have avoided detection of things such as a nutrient deficiency, hormonal imbalance, other abnormal biochemistry, etc.? I know of labs such as Metametrix & Genova Diagnostics who have some very comprehensive tests. Many doctors use them. Might she benefit from more thorough or comprehensive lab testing than she is receiving from her normal Western doctors during her visits?

Thank you very much,

Mike Eidson

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Absolutely she would benefit.

But I will say this first.... your mom is getting pretty old. You have to be sure that she wants to get better and is willing to make the changes that are required and still has the cognitive capacity to do so. Many old timers at this point in their health journey are merely giving their kids the ya ya story, I will do it... but the incentive and motivation is not there. So this take some self analysis as to your motiviation and her true capabilities on an emotional and spiritual level, as well as physical. Its a bummer to push old folks into what they really don't want and you only end up making them feel guilty for wanting to prepare to die and you will be constantly frustrated by banging your head against a wall.

But if she is a willing and capable player... it is another story and here is what needs to be done.
You need to pull her out of what ever facility she might be in and care for her at home. She needs to see a skilled naturopathic doctor or a medical doctor well versed in alternative medicine. This will all be out of pocket expense.

The coumadin is very dangerous and needs to be replaced with nattokinase as soon as possible. Danger is increased due to her falls. An injury could kill her if she is on coumadin, especially a head injury, which for others would not be so significant but for her a killer.

Coumadin can cause any injury from a fall to have a much longer mend time, and bruising and pain can be signficiant causing delay in other therapies, and less motivation to get moving.

She is at very high risk for hip fracture and resulting death. If she fractures her hip it is a 90% chance that she will die within 2 months.

Normal lab tests reveal very little as to what is going on and what therapies through nutrition or supplements may be helpful.

She needs her vitamin D3 levels increased significiantly, and this will provide for better gait stability and pelvic strength.
She needs oral digestive enzyme therapy and hydrochloric acid to aid her digestion and a probiotic cannot replace a proton pump inhibitor, only this can.
She needs a boost in her nutrition. I suggest Jarrow whey daily, a greens product mixed with it.
She needs to contiue with physical therapy.
She needs a B12 shot one a week not once a month
She needs to get off of BP meds or reduce them and a competant naturopath should be able to assist you.
She needs vitamin C therapy along with niacin (not the flush free type)
She needs supportive herbs for her heart.. do a search on Dr Schultz - herbalist
She needs a dark field live blood analysis to see if she has any microbe or parasite issues and then deal with them.

relating to blood clotting here is an article to further your understanding

I have information for you about the use of nattokinase for maintaining more normal levels of fibrogen but I have to go find it so check back later.
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and here is a 3 page article on natto. I like the Smart Nutriton site and I have been reading on there for almost 8 years... They do their homework... If your mom dicides to leave coumadin behind for natto she should be well versed in this product. Like coumadin she likely will never be able to stop taking it. I suppose that it could be possible for her to dynamically change her blood viscosity but she should not try to stop nattokinase without follow up blood viscosity tests to make sure it is safe. Leaving bread and white flour, sugar behind and signficianly increasing veggies, I suppose it could be possible, of course after her digestive issues are worked out.... it does get complex

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