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Default acupuncture for prolapse?

Xania, are there acupuncture treatments for uterine prolapse?

I looked through pubmed.. could not find anything on uterine prolapse, but see that acupuncture is used for rectum prolapse (I don't know anything about this)

and, I notice on that neat acupuncture site that you linked to, that they have this:
GV 20 Acupuncture Point - Bai Hui - Governing Vessel Meridian

(scroll down a bit)
Main point for
prolapse, anal, uterine, vaginal; main point for hemorrhoids.

have you ever seen this done? or know about it?
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That is right - well spotted. Scorpio!

But you have to add Spleen 1, (big toe - ouch) so that the two points together create a "pulling up" or purse string effect.
This treatment may not work in all cases - it depends on the patient's energy, the severity of the condition, etc, but it is well worth trying. If the result is only 90% improvement, instead of 100%, it could save an admission for surgery.
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