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Default Migraines after using MMS?

Greetings all,
I started using mms a few weeks ago. I have been increasing by 1 drop everyday, as recommended. I got up to around 10 drops or so and got hit with a series of migraines that lasted about 3 days. On day 2 I began to suspect the mms was the culprit triggering my headaches. So I quit using it for several days. The migraines went away and I resumed taking it, still increasing my dosage daily and after 2 more days the migraines came back. So now I am afraid to start taking it again.
Does anyone have any info on whether or not mms might trigger migraines in some people and if so, how should I proceed?
Thanks and Blessings on you all!

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Decrease your dosage.
Jim Humble's protocol for MMS is believed to be flawed.
The dosage of 15 drops was originally designed for malaria victims in Africa.
Once people in other countries with less severe illnesses and diseases took interest in MMS, the protocol was not refined.
Jim Humble states that any symptoms as a result of using MMS over an extended period of time are the Herxheimer Reaction and a normal sign of detoxification.
Many tend to believe otherwise. You should not have to experience such symptoms before feeling better. Such symptoms as nausea, diarrhea, headaches, aches and pains, soreness, lack of energy are common with the extended use of MMS.
What do you have that you believe you need to take MMS for?

Please see these web sites:


See the post labeled:

Anonymous Coward
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10/28/2008 6:57 PM

The user signs his name "Tom" at the bottom.

He is known as SilverFox on Curezone.com as well. His insight on Chlorine Dioxide is quite interesting.

Please read his posts from that point onwards.

Have you considered other safer alternatives such as Colloidal Silver or Iodine?
They have been around much longer than MMS.

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I had headaches for a while on mms but they went away with continued use. I would suggest lower doses say 6-8dr two times a day and see if that gives you headaches. I think lower doses more often is much more effective that large doses. Like 4 to 6dr 3 or 4x a day. Smaller doses keep the mms in your system on a lower level but more consistent thus having a more contant effect on the viruses, parasites etc.
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