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Old 07-23-2009, 05:53 AM
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Default extreme but non-nausea Herxheimer reaction to MMS?

I used the MMS a couple of times with the 6x6 protocol and it worked very well to stop colds etc. I have a long health history (chronic fatigue etc) which you can read here https://www.sandrajensen.net/mybody.html - basically CFIDS probably caused by Rickettsia and Babesia (similar to Lyme). After an intensive herbal protocol 2 years ago, have been doing very well comparatively to years ago. Given the info about MMS and herpes and the fact that I still often feel not so great, I thought to start a longer term MMS protocol.

I went up to 10 drops 3 times a day for a few days and then felt I couldn't carry on with the low grade nausea and lack of appetite. I stopped for about a week to 10 days and then started again, building up to 9 drops twice a day, but felt incredibly ill (nausea) at that dosage so dropped it back to 6 and built up again to about 8 drops twice a day. This over about 10 days. I was doing ok, only the mildest nausea occaisionally.

Then I woke up feeling like I had some kind of bug -- extreme, and I mean extreme weakness, some aches. No other symptoms, but it felt like a bug. I did the 6x6 protocol twice, then the next day three times, feeling perhaps 2% better each day, and then again the 6x6 protocol three times a day for about 2 days and then upped the dose to 7 drops (i.e doing the 6x6 protocol but with 7 drops), 3 times a day. No nausea, slightly loose bowels. But throughout feeling incredibly weak, to the point of speaking is too tiring even. My blood pressure skyrocketed. I felt like all I could do was lie in bed. It's the weakness you feel with any severe illness, only I had no other symptoms, other than a 'sense' that this was a pathogen of some kind being activated or...?

I thought I was getting incrementally better, but then, I got much worse, and have stopped taking the MMS entirely, for two days now. I am beginning to feel like myself again, absolutely wiped out but not the same kind of wiped out, more like I can start rebuilding. It had felt like a complete step back to some years ago with the chronic fatigue etc.

Perhaps it is a herx response but I feel it's too strong for me, and so odd given I've been doing so much better for the last year -- and since I was diagnosed 'clear' of the Rickettsia etc 2 years ago. However I suspect my body is still very very sensitive and does not respond 'normally' to (I got extremely ill after doing colonics some years ago, for example).

Yesterday I found this article on MMS and Lyme: https://stanford.wellsphere.com/lyme-...ing-mms/200557
suggesting that the usual dosage instructions are not appropriate with this illness.

Right now I feel that I cannot and should not continue unless under the supervision of a doctor or health practitioner, which is unlikely here in rural Ireland. I may experiment with taking 6 drops twice a week or something like that. I believe for 'normal' bugs, the 6x6 protocol is excellent, and will try that again if I get signs of a cold etc.

I wanted to share about this extreme weakness response, in case others have experienced it.

Any advice much appreciated.
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Old 07-23-2009, 08:49 PM
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Hi SandJ

It has been my understanding that lyme disease needs to be treated very carefully at a low dose. Since I don't really communicate with people of this concern right now I don't have advice to offer but always with MMS, go slow. Consistency may be more important than a high dosage for some people.

I have a new friend that uses MMS for his 30 year case of lyme. He has been very pleased. I hope to see him this summer to get more details on what he does for the condition. I know he does more than mms. Hope to see him in about 3 weeks or so.

I know that this forum https://www.planetthrive.com/ has had people talking about using MMS for lyme for over a year. You have to join and then somehow get permission to enter the locked MMS thread. Maybe you can learn something there.
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Old 07-23-2009, 09:52 PM
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I do not feel high dose MMS is needed or the best way to treat Lyme. Lyme replicates slowly and your body has to have time to remove the toxins. I would take lower doses that allow you to use it regularly, without causing too much discomfort.

I would think a daily dose of two or three drops, twice a day would be enough to gain on the Lyme. I do not know the replication rate for the co-infections, but clearly the doses you are using are too much.

Rife frequency treatments are also useful for a long term Lyme program.

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Old 07-30-2009, 08:09 AM
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Please see the latest MMS Newsletter #5.

"JUST A REMINDER - JIM'S NEW AND PROVEN MMS STRATEGY: If you take a mere two-drop activated MMS dose every two hours, all day for several days (and nights if you can), always backing off if nausea sensations appear, then over time you will have cleared away pathogens without climbing to the former goal which was 15 drops or more. With two-drop doses, add plenty of water so that you can't taste the MMS. Water does not thin or reduce the beneficial ClO2 ions - they are locked in the water for about 1.5 hours. If you can't drink the full glass, drink the second half 15 minutes later."

In references to Rife:

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Old 07-30-2009, 08:53 AM
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That's a plus Jeremy. How many times I've killed myself with the 15 drop course; and then 15 by 3.
- Jim
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Old 01-08-2010, 05:25 PM
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Question MMS reaction... advice anyone?

I too got up to 11 drops and had intense stomach cramps come on and ended up in bed for two days with chronic fatique. i stopped the evening dose and went out in the evening for a dinner thinking i was feeling better but was so spaced out and vomited up a very lovely expensive meal ( no alcohol consumed) and had small appetite and developed chronic migraine( could have been coffee withdrawal?) for 3 days which came on when out at dinner !
was wiped out the next day. Stopped MMS for 2 days then startd at 5 drops and now on 7 drps with some stomach discomfort. My appetite is barely there and am forcing myself to eat, i find fruit aggravates my stomach. have now looser Bowels(Plus offensive gas) so i guess its still cleaning out my system.
Does anyone have advice on supplements to add ? Im taking magnesium powder, and occasional iodine
Is caffeine (tea ok ) ?
Will 2 drops (which i could probably handle) every 2 hours really do the same kill off ?
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Old 01-10-2010, 08:08 PM
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I got bad side effects, too. I was staying under the nausea/diarrhea barrier, but had to scale back because of other side effects. Loss of apatite, dry skin, bad muscle pain and weakness, general fatigue, bowel pain, brain fog, clumsiness, memory problems, spotting, etc. I scaled back to three drops at least two hours apart giving me 5 to 8 doses a day. After most of a week on that dose, I'm feeling much better. I got a lot of energy back today and was actually cleaning out cabinets. I had expected to watch movies all day. I think in the case of such systemic issues, it is necessary to go slowly. My issues seem to be heavy metal poisoning and systemic yeast. (Symptoms include IBS, chronic fatigue, allergies, low energy, musculo-skeletal problems, skin problems, and lots of chronic ailments). I do not have the same illnesses as you do, but it seems that chronic aliments do need to be addressed more slowly. Best of healing to you.

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chronic fatigue, herxheimer, lyme, rickettsia

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