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Coming Imminent Attack On US West and East Coast By North Korea

Posted 09-02-2016 at 01:22 PM by liverock
Updated 09-19-2017 at 12:56 PM by liverock

I'm from the UK and have been checking on a few US people I know from internet forums who live on the East and West coast, about the likelihood of them being faced with possible tsunamis in the near future.

Most of these people are afflicted with CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome) which can mean most of them are housebound and some are bed bound. Most of them wouldn't have a chance in a tsunami caused by the Cascadi or San Andreas fault lines, so I have been researching articles such as "The Really Big One" by Kathryn Schulz in the New Yorker magazine, among others,to get some idea of what getting through a tsunami would actually be like.


Most articles are excellent and there appears to very well organized emergency arrangements in the West coast states once a tsunami has run its course.

The main problem of course is nobody can forecast when, and exactly where these tsunamis will happen, or even in which year.

While there are plenty of people on the internet sounding off about dreams or visions of tsunamis, most of them are fragmented much like the 'trailer' for a movie and have no details of any use, or relevant facts about when and
where the tsunamis will happen to enable people to move to safety.

As a Christian believer it seemed that very likely that as the time for any large tsunami was due to hit the US, God would have a prophet who would have a lot more of the "main movie" with a lot more details instead of all these fragmented 'trailer's, and would also show safe areas for people to move to before any tsunami struck.

I did find such a prophet and something else that made my blood run cold when I first realised the implications of what she was prophesying.

Vonda Brewer is a 50 year old Christian who has been working as a prophet out of a large 6,000 strong Evangelical church in Virginia.
for a number of years.
She is not a psychic or medium but gets her visions and dreams directly from the Holy Spirit.

I have heard a lot of prophecies over the years, so I have a strict criteria for judging whether they are from God or not. Most prophecies are so lacking in detail as to be useless. Unless they contain detail about the 'when and where' which is the subject of the prophecy they are no help whatsoever. This prophet sticks her neck out and this is very rare because if the prophecy doesn't come true their reputation is ruined which in this case means her livelihood.

Besides being specific in the details of their prophecies,the prophet must also be working under the authority of the pastor(s) in a recognised Christian church denomination, and have been trained or mentored by other more experienced Christians who have the gift of prophecy. Finally the prophecy must not contradict Scripture.

She appears to fulfill all these conditions and be working full time in
teaching and training other Christian prophets via webinars and books she has also written on dream and vision interpretation.

Another part of her ministry is taken up with counselling and dream and vision interpretation of indivuduals, but over the past few years she has been receiving dreams and visions about current and future events, mostly on the
political and international stage.

These visions appear to be being given at fairly regular intervals and for the last 6 months mostly about a nuclear attack by North Korea on both the East and West coast. She doesn't appear to know whats coming or when in the next vision, and just repeats exactly what she sees whether people like it or not.

These you tube videos are spaced out over 6/7 videos and as she hasn't put them in a seperate folder I will try and lay them out in order.with my summary. I would suggest reading all the summaries first to get the general picture. before going to the links to each video.


The North Korean war story started with President Obama not standing down from office and pictured at his desk writing.

She didn't know why he was still in office, but then another later vision showed a bomb coming from the NW, and it was confirmed to be from North Korea, not directly hitting the North West coast, but offshore a few miles, creating a large explosion and a big tsunami. This appeared to cover about a third of the West coast states of California,Oregon and Washington.

In the same vision a second bomb appeared to come from due North (not NW like the first), which she saw on a map of the US, to 'dip down' around the Kansas/Nebraska area and turn 90 degrees, and head for the East coast where it came down in the sea and exploded.

She described this missile 'as looking like a gun' causing extensive flooding of the East coast around the New York, Baltimore,Maryland, Virginia, Boston and DC area. Although there was no tsunami the water was described as like a
fast flowing river. I think this one was meant for the White House


This one described communications down on the NW coast due to flooding. Vision of a 3 story beach house flooded also what appears to be fire damage.
(Don't know the height of a 3 story beach house but this looks ominous to me)


The next vision was one showing the safe areas on the West coast for people to go to where the flooding from the first bomb will not reach. This showed a map of the West coast of California with the whole width of the state divided into a 3 lane highway and a car travelling North on the lane nearest the coast. This car was then shown moving into the middle lane which was interpreted that the middle lane and outer lane, bordering Nevada would be safe areas.

If this is correct then water may reach as far inland as 60/70 miles in some places, which sounds to me like the bomb must have set off a large tsunami..


There was also a prophecy about a third bomb hitting the North West coast area of Oregon/Washington .

This was the most distressing one to hear,as she saw the bomb hitting the land (not the sea) and there was many casualties and properties decimated.
There was also a promise with the vision "I WILL EXPOSE THE KING,"
It seems that the North Korea leader Kim Jong un had another name, his mother used to call him the MORNING STAR KING, believe it or not.


There was also a vision with a message for those in the military thinking of leaving, to leave right away as nobody will be allowed to leave after December, presumably when the war with North Korea has started.


She was also given two visions showing the extent of the damage on the East coast in the Virginia Beach area.

One showed the boardwalk with all the shops,hotels etc, had completely disappeared and the water level had risen enormously. Huge chunks had been gouged out of the coastline as well.


In another vision, entrance to the beach was prevented by high boarding fencing, but a man had somehow gotten in and was shown going into the water and frantically rushing out, because the water was still contaminated from the nuclear bomb presumably.


I must also tell you before you visit her site that it is very evangelical Christianity and the prophecies come with plenty of sermons!.

[B]Even if you don't like the theology of what you hear on her site, I would still advise you to heed the advice about making sure you move to safer areas if you live in the West Coast danger areas.
I'm putting these prophecies out to as many people as possible but time is short, October is just 4 weeks away and anytime after that you should be ready to move. If you cant move to relatives or camp out interstate somewhere, it might be the time for a holiday break away from the West coast.

Checking at her website https://www.youtube.com/user/godsgirltv/videos for a revised time period will be the signal.

In the meantime I will try and answer any further questions about whats in the actual prophecies, but I haven't got the time to go into any other questions. I'm trying to get this out to as many people as possible.

This article will give you some ideas for what you need to do about important items you need to take with you or make sure are safely stored beforehand.


Now may also be a good time to follow President Obama's recent advice about every family prepping for emergencies, if you haven't already done so.


Whatever you decide to do may God be with you through the coming months.

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    I stopped reading WND because I believe it has been co-opted by the establishment to continue the type of fear-mongering necessary to keep the the masses scared and ready to give up more of their personal freedom in exchange for a false security blanket.

    So, is Kim Jong going to attack the US? No. Why? Because there would be a swift retaliation, and then he would no longer be living in a palace in luxury financed on the backs of all the citizens he siphons money from. So, would a fake threat be profitable to anyone? Yes. It is profitable to others who live in luxury off the backs of the citizens in their country(s). Fear is the key to controlling the huddled, terrified masses.
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