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Parasites, Tapeworm, Roundworm, MMS Cures Parasites

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Posted 05-26-2010 at 06:40 PM by Arrowwind09

This is an amazing story of a woman who was loosing her life to parasites. She faced many challenges to get a diagnosis and treatment because doctors do not believe in nor adequately test for parasites. Following her story you will see before and after photographs of her face. Note the swelling and general fatigued appearance in the first picture and the restoration in the second. We also have photos of parasites that you can view that are stored off site that you can view by clicking here:

I am a 52 year old woman and only a few short weeks ago I was dying. I started to lose my health about 17 years ago. Two months ago, I was barely able to get out of bed to take care of myself.

I drank creek water and contracted Hepatitis A when I was 32 years old. The doctors at the time said I would get well on my own, and it seemed that I did for a few years, but I know now that it was because I had youth on my side. Something inside me said "parasites?" a few times over the years, but I dismissed the thought after mentioning it to my doctors who also dismissed the possibility.

This winter I decided to pay attention to that little voice inside me, and to take matters into my own hands. I knew I was dying and felt it wouldn't be long. It took me twelve hours a night to get six or seven hours of un-restorative "sleep". (Actually I was passed out on various "medications" and still woke up every forty minutes to an hour, all night, every night). My doctors called me "complicated" and were clearly stumpted, "insomnia" being one of the many labels they gave to my condition, with no answers as to what could possibly be the cause.

I have been on disability for over 8 years due to this medical condition that doctors could not explain. Three months ago I asked one of my doctors for a test for parasites. I could see the tapeworm segments in my stool and was sure it would come back positive. It did not. I was shocked, but had read that only 10% of 10% of tests ever come back positive for parasites due to inadequate testing procedures. I took heart for I knew this from reading posts of other people this had happened to.

A few years ago I had tumors and had to have a hysterectomy. I now believe those "tumors" were parasite eggs. (They congregate to survive). Before and after the hysterectomy I had two hernia surgeries that have never made sense to me. I don't just think, I know now, that this was inflammation to the intestines due to severe parasite infestation.( I'd been plagued with poor digestion and elimination.) Not to mention other misdiagnosis of Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was in widespread (whole body) muscle pain 24/7 and was barely able to get out of bed to take care of myself for so many years....and not one doctor had any idea of what was really wrong with me. I had been to three. Needless to say, despair was a large part of this whole experience for me, but I have a strong will to survive. I decided to educate myself.

I tried herbs first after researching online for weeks. I read many posts of various people and learned that Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull and Cloves could kill parasites. I used these herbs diligently from the first of January through March. I did pass some round worms but still saw those white seed looking things in my stool and I didn't get better. I did pass some roundworms, but I saw those white seed looking things in my stool and I didn't get better.

After searching on the internet and comparing pictures to what I was seeing, I decided it had to be a tapeworm. Over the winter I researched about parasites and the connection to various diseases, myself having been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis after my blood was sent to the Mayo Clinic. It was at this time that Miracle Mineral Solution kept popping up throughout my search for something that would help me. At first I thought "no way", there just can't be anything that inexpensive that could work that well. Finally, when nothing else worked I decided it was in expensive enough, and that I had nothing left to lose. Meanwhile, I was starting to gain hope from the various testimonies of people who were being cured by using MMS.

I felt isolated and alone, but for the internet......because of the people who posted their testimonials/experiences with MMS I also felt very excited. I started with two drops MMS combined with ten drops of the citric acid. (Always five drops citric acid per one drop MMS, then time it for three minutes, then add any hot or cold beverage (or water) and drink right away-- you have to drink it within an hour or it loses potency. Do not use anything with added vitamin C) At three drops I felt a little warm in the stomach. The instructions are to stay just under the nausea barrier, that when you feel nauseous it is because pathogens are being killed and the liver is trying to expel them. Jim Humble (inventor of MMS) says you should not go too fast, just increase a drop per day (or per dose) and back off a little if too nauseous. My first dose was 2 drops in the morning then three that evening. The next day four drops in the morning and then four that night. At this dose I did have nausea but not too bad. So the next day I stayed at four drops twice a day and stayed at that dose for three days. The next day four drops three times, morning noon and night and so on. Into the second week I could not believe my eyes. I was completely infested with various parasites and they were coming out dead! Over a week’s time, I counted and took pictures of over 15 very adult round worms, pin worms and tapeworms, but I still had the tapeworm segments, (they shed them) so I knew there were more.

I then decided I was a candidate for the MMS enema protocol and for two reasons. After being so sick, for so long, I really wanted to get this over with. And, I was getting sick to my stomach at 8 drops. (that told me the MMS was still hard at work.) I read that the nausea could be avoided by doing the enemas. It's a delicate subject but I must say, I'm so glad I did it. After another week of staying at seven drops three times a day, and an enema every day of 8 drops (into 3-4 cups warm water) the parasites were still coming out daily but partially decomposed, and now I am tapeworm segment free.

By this time the mental fog had lifted and I was feeling incredibly like my old self. Taking walks with my grandson. Sleeping 8 hours at night and feeling refreshed. My pain and inflammation had greatly diminished from excruciating to tolerable. I read that taking the MMS orally goes throughout the body as a gas, on the red blood cells, destroying pathogens but not harming healthy cells. The enema protocol is more like an IV infusion of MMS (in power), actually penetrating into the plasma of the red blood cells. So...after a few days drinking 7 drops MMS with the 5 drops of citric acid per each drop of mms and the enemas, the very much larger and more "adult" parasites came out, along with many, many eggs. Some of the eggs were the size of half of my little finger tip. Very large! Over all, I counted over 25 parasites that were killing me. After several days of using the enema protocol, they came out partially decomposed, and now I am tapeworm segment free.

It has been seven weeks as I write this. I now know what it feels like to be 52 years old, and not like a very old, very sick woman. I was told that when parasites die they release more of themselves. I'm sure I will be at this a while, (for I am still passing a few liver flukes, and I'm still only at 9 drops three times a day.) After I get to 15 drops three times a day and hold there for 5 days I hope to be pathogen free. Then I will definitely stay on a maintenance dose of MMS for the rest of my life.

I have encouraged and succeeded in getting some of my family to take the drops. I'd started to see signs that my kids and extended family are also sick to varying degrees including the insomnia (your immune system tries to kill the parasites at night when you're supposed to get restorative sleep, causing multiple awakenings.)

My son's fiancee has been really ill and sometimes can't get out of bed.
Doctors haven't been able to say why after much testing and expense. My (ex) sister-in-law has been sick with the same symptoms as me for several years and is also on disability because of it. Again, that little voice inside will not let me rest. All the signs were there. Then, I got my sister-in-law to my house for a week, we got her on the MMS, and "I knew it!". Parasites. So, the ones who have taken MMS are getting the same results as me.

I believe after eating on each other's dishes and hugging and kissing over the years, we all got the parasites. I am so very grateful to Jim Humble for saving my life and making it possible for our family to get healthy again.

I know this is hard to comprehend and accept, but all true. May something I have said here help the many people afflicted with parasites understand the underlying issues of what parasites can do, and the diseases they do cause.

May those who read this take heart and find hope. For this is really something.
Forever grateful and enjoying life once again.
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