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Default Could a Thailand Spa Help You Cure Cancer?

Could a place like Chiva Som spa in Hua Hin, Thailand be a good place to battle cancer?


the way this guy describes these spas....it sounds like they know alot...


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Originally Posted by limitme View Post
[SIZE=3]Could a place like Chiva Som spa in Hua Hin, Thailand be a good place to battle cancer?
Only if you are very rich.
Prices start @ $9660.0 and go to $32340.0 for 14 nights for a single. That doesn't include flights there and back.

I think that having a good holiday and enjoying yourself in a relaxed and SUNNY environment will help cancer prognosis, but I also think it's what you eat and do every day of the year that really matters. I'd rather spend my money on improving the quality of everyday life, rather than have a couple of weeks of luxury and think that eliminates the toxic effects of daily living.
Actually I've looked at little more that that place and can't see anything directed specifically at those with a cancer diagnosis. The treatments they offer apart from the food and environment are as follows
Spa classic:
Chiva-Som Spa Haven Body Polish or Body Scrub
Hydrotherapy Bath
Oriental Scalp Massage
Nail Reshape and Polish (Hand and Feet)
Eye Revitalising

Spa deluxe:
Deep Hand Massage
Accelerated Subdermal Therapy
Aloe Body Mask
Accelerated Body Shaping Therapy
Papaya Body Wrap
Oriental Foot Ritual
Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

Spa premium:
Chiva-Som Body Cocoon
Chiva-Som Skin Haven Facial
Luxury Hand and Pedicure
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Marine Mud Wrap
Chiva-Som Signature Herbal Massage

Fitness classic:
Super Stretch

Fitness deluxe:
Pilates Body Conditioning
Personal Training
Thai Boxing
Health and Fitness Assessment
Super Stretch
Travel Training
Outdoor Training

Fitness premium:
Aquatic Therapy (Watsu)
Adventure Training
3 P’s of Training
Functional Insight Training

Physiotherapy classic:
Soft Tissue Mobilisation
Rolling Release Therapy
Refunctional Exercise
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Physiotherapy deluxe:
H2O Body Complex
Gyrokinesis or Gyrotonic
Kinesthetic Assessment
Refunctional Exercise
Rolling Release Therapy
Metabolic Breathing Exercise
Ai Chi

Physiotherapy premium:
Stress Release Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Holistic deluxe:
Flower Essence Body Work
Flower Remedies
Accupoint Facial Therapy
Quantum Emotional/Physical Release
Chi Nei Tsang
Acupressure Reflexology
Heart Math

Holistic premium:
Nutrition Counselling
Sure they are good for you and will probably make you feel better about yourself and your diagnosis but before you go you need to have read and understood Cancer as a metabolic disease because there is no way of knowing if the food they provide for you will necessarily slow cancer progression or that those providing the treatments are aware of the impact of those treatments on cancer progression.
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I do know that there are a few places in the orient that do exceptional work. The ozone work in malaysia is amazing. For certain types of cancer it would be worth the trip. I have not seen the best results in clinics that work only with nutrition for cancer. Generally some other forms of treatment are requried. It is not impossible just with diet but it has not proved over the years to have a very hight success rate.
I think iridology is very helpful. It can see what other forms of exams cannot. Together you get a complete picture of what is happening inside.
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Look up hoxsey treatment in mexico. They have successes
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Default Spas for Cancer Treatment

Originally Posted by limitme View Post
Could a place like Chiva Som spa in Hua Hin, Thailand be a good place to battle cancer?


the way this guy describes these spas....it sounds like they know alot...


Hi limitme,

How are you?
Are you interested in visiting a Health Spa like Chiva Som because you have cancer or someone you care about does? Are you recently diagnosed? Have you undergoing any therapy yet? Have you relapsed? Or are you actually in remission?

Your question is a complicated one and requires more information to be answered in a way that is meaningful for you. The road to recovery from cancer can be long and is not likely to end at a health spa. Some treatments may actually worsen your situation unless you do your research and ensure the qualifications and experience of the treating staff.

For the person experiencing cancer, one thing is certain. It will change their life one way or another. A specialist treatment centre or health spa may be an excellent place to begin learning about the kinds of things you need to do to give you the best chance of coming out on top with a new vigor for life.

I would recommend emailing or calling each place you're interested in and asking if they can treat or accomodate someone with cancer. Many places are not equipt to take cancer patients for reasons of patient safety and related legalities. An increasing number of Health & Wellness Spas also have doctors who can oversee and assist in integrate of treatments both natural and orthodox (mainstream).

Different types of cancers respond differently to different treatments and some things that sound logically like they would help (such as taking antioxidant supplements) have actually been shown to 'feed' tumors (obviously, that's bad). Similarly, there was some research a few years ago (I'm sorry, I can't remember which journal I read it in, now) that supported the use of fasting prior to conventional chemotherapy as it actually reduced the side effects related to the chemo. Many Spas offer fasting as part of 'Detox' programs but few are taylored for people with cancer.

I would suggest you research and choose treatments with an evidence of success in your particular type of cancer.

A health spa can be an excellent intensive and I'd highly recommend it for anyone wanting to change patterns and habits and clear a lot of the stored 'junk' out of their bodies for improved general health and wellbeing.

I have been a practitioner in Thailand in the medical tourism industry, consulted with various health & wellness spas and know many of the directors, practitioners and practices in the industry. Treating cancer requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Be open to what works and watch out for any practitioner who pushes the 'magic bullet' that will cure you!

If you find somewhere that ticks all your boxes the most important thing is to make sure you have a plan for what you will do when you get home. You will need continual support in your journey from a practitioner accessible to you as well as from family and friends.

Good luck.


PS. Remember: Take advice from practitioners who are qualified to give it - your life is too precious to gamble with.
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thanks for all the info and responses......
no, I do not have cancer (that I know about)...thank God.....I was just wondering....I always like to be prepared.....I didn't realize the prices were that expensive (as Ted posted)....

I try to stay healthy....eat as many unprocessed foods as I can....take alot of vitamin D3 as Ted (and many others) always recommend and take kefir (liteway brand at kroger)....

I need to start taking vitamin C.....but I'm unsure what type or how much....and selenium too....

I'm fairly new to the whole homepathic/natural scene......I still have alot of questions to think of and ask....
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Hi limitme,

I'm glad you don't have cancer and welcome to Natural Med Talk!

Prices are expensive because it's a 5 star luxury Health and Wellness Retreat. You can find others that are more cost effective and less elaborate.

Good to hear that you're taking care of yourself and your health, with an inquisitive and open mind. Keep it up and you'll have less to worry about!

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