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Default MSNBC Article 8/14


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Problem with such things though, is that some people are claiming, whilst this type of treatment, might be effective for some in the initial instance, an "all clear", doesn't nedcessarily mean the truth, it could mean there's as few as 3-4 cancerous cells still present, but such a low number is virtually undetectable.

Then the person could potentially in 5-10 years, get diagnosed again, with Cancer that is potentially more aggressive, and on that occasion more likely to be fatal.

Until the magic Glycoprotein gets licensed for general use, (let's hope so soon for the sake of millions), there are still things like Oncophage, Laetrile etc etc, that offer possible Cancer cures, with much less chance of reoccurance, because the method of attack is not centred around using poisons like Radiation.

This being a possible advance is good, but the ethos behind it is still radiation, and the more public opinion sways, and proliferation of the facts relating to radiation happen, the less likely something like this, will make people rethink their thoughts and fears, about radiation base Cancer treatments.
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