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Default Health Corps

Has anyone heard of this program? It is interesting. I go there instead of lunch sometimes (I get picked on a lot in there). Health corps is a program where a teacher sits in the room and talks about health and all. He said they not only have it in New York, but in many other states as well.

The program was started by a doctor who did open heart surgery on a 20 year old girl, who afterwards was eating ice cream. Eventually he felt upset and like a loser, but decided to make himself feel better by starting a health program for teens.

My HC teacher teaches about juices (and how they are also unhealthey), and how diet are phony, and the new snapple JuiceD is not really juice.

I will try and find a site that talks aobut this program. Is this program in schools near you?

EDIT: https://www.healthcorps.net/

there is the website. I google searched it!
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Default School Program for Health

Looks like it would be a great program for getting
youngsters interested at an early age to be/become health
conscious consumers, Spidey. 8)
Isn't this the same Dr Oz who is on the Oprah Show
frequently? He looks like the same one But then,
how many teens watch Opray
May you always have..Love to Share, Health to Spare, and Friends that Care!
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its a shame nobody really goes to it. I am the only one in the ENTIRE SCHOOL.

on the official site you can send E-mails to the teachers. Mine is "Ben Spoer" at Abraham Lincoln H.S. (brooklyn, N.Y.)
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