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Default Check Your Bone Health

Just found a site that gives you a downloadable Bone calculator, for checking the Calcium, Magnesium, K2 and Vit D intake per day, by inputting certain foods into some software, and a few other stats.

I'm not advocating the site, as it sells things, but the calculator seems good, and the dowloadable version just as so, and very simple to use.


P.S. I actually use Win 98. I know it's a bit dated now, but it suits me fine. So if the screen on the dowload page says sorry XP or over, worry yee not. It should hopefully work for anyone here with a 98 OS. It has for me, when I chanced my luck.

The setup file download took me about 5-6 seconds, on a 256kbps basic Broadband connection, so for anyone still using 126kbps or 56.6kbps Dialup, you won't have to wait long hopefully.

Also the area where you select the foods you ate, you can actually double click the part where you input serving quantities. I.E. altering the Cup of Cereal option to say 2 for example, and the double click allows you to change the number in the boxes, so you can include halves, like 1 cup of Peas for example, and change the 0 figure to 0.5, if you only had half a cup.

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