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Default Flower Colors

Flower Power: The Color of Flowers

Color affects every moment of our lives although our color choices
are mostly unconscious. Color has a great emotional impact on a
person that comes out via the clothes we chose to wear, decorations
to fill our homes, personality, foods we choose to eat, flowers we
surround ourselves with and many more ways.

Color-Flower Psychology

Blue can either be a calming color or a depressing color, depending
on how much one is surrounded by it. Blue most always has a pleasant
association. Blue also is associated with a cool, cleansed, relaxed,
calm, hopeful, protected, reassuring, trusting and accepting feeling.
It inspires mental control, clarity and creativity. Blue has a direct
effect on the autonomic nervous system, which helps calm and soothe
humans. However, subconsciously it affects us because we associate
blue with the night sky, so it makes us feel calm as though we are
being soothed by the night sky. On the other hand, dark blue is
sedative and too much can give off a feeling of depression. Blue is
also an appetite suppressant. This is believed to be that due to the
fact that nature does not create a blue food other than blueberries,
therefore we do not have an automatic appetite response to blue.
Actually, in a decorative perspective, blue is a spacious color that
is most suited for deep thought and relief from a stressful, hectic
life. If you wear blue, you may feel self-reliant, sensitive or
intelligent. It promotes a good imagination and a practical approach
to life by feeling responsible for others. Blue wearers are normally
quite independent yet feel the need to be surrounded by tenderness,
love and affection. In the survey of bra color selection, the three
that chose blue, possibly feel the need for love and affection.

Brown is a direct color of nature so it gives off an earth feeling
that brings us comfort and support. However, fans of brown are known
to often keep emotions to themselves and retreat from fear of the
real world. These people sometimes suffer from a lack of self-worth.
These people like brown because it helps them with their troubles and
it gives them a sense of stability and alleviates insecurity. People
who wear brown are normally honest, sensuous and protective because
of their desire to be emotionally secure and accepted. They strive
for a structured life and they appreciate the fine pleasure of life.

Orange is widely known as the attention grabber and the stimulator of
the mind and body. Orange is an anti-depressant color that lifts
spirits by giving off feelings of security, warmth, joy, creativity,
fun, humor and independence. Like brown, orange frees and releases
emotion and alleviates self-pity and self-worth and the unwillingness
to forgive. Physically, orange stimulates the sex organs and has an
incredibly beneficial effect on the digestive system. Wearers of
orange are action-oriented, often impatient, independent and self-
motivated. They have a high energy level and tend to be active and
competitive. Being surrounded by orange is mentally and physically
stimulating and can make a person feel warm, secure and comfortable,
though very few people choose to decorate in orange.

Purple is a color of mixed messages coming from both red and blue.
Purple is mostly associated with those who are sexy, powerful, and
sophisticated. For the people who favor this color are typically
dramatic, spiritual, creative, intuitive, inspirational in beauty and
art, protective, and wrapped up in a fantasy. Purple balances the
mind, brings peace and combats fear. However, fans of purple can be
arrogant at times, for they have little interest in lesser people and
are only interested in the best of everything. This is probably why
the one person who chose a purple bra did; because he takes great
interest in only the very best.

Red is the most powerful of all the colors because of its ability to
stimulate the heart and blood circulation so that it raises heart
rates. Red is known for its high arousal in all perspectives of the
body for it is a sexy, dynamic, daring, vital, powerful, warm,
sensual, determined, courageous, angry, impatient and ambitious
color. It always has a pleasant association because it helps people
overcome negative thoughts although too much red can cause a person
to become impatient. Red is a color that is often preferred by the
economically stable, secure and the risk-takers. Studies even show
that people are more daring to gamble more while under red lighting.
Impulsive, excitable, energetic, sexual, courageous and extroverted
are ways of describing people who enjoy wearing red. They are
ambitious and want things to happen as soon as they say the word.
They want to be the best and can be insensitive to others feelings to
be the best or the center of attention. Actually, if you make a habit
of wearing red it may indicate that you place importance on sexual
desire and eroticism. And we all know that most guys place importance
on sexual desire and eroticism and that is why ten percent of guys
chose red in the bra survey. Also, studies show red stimulates
appetite more than any other color, and that explains why seven out
of fifteen people chose red as their favorite color Jell-O

Pink and Violet have a gentle stimulation of heart and blood
circulation. Just as pink is nearly red, pink nearly has the affects
of red, just not so radiant. It elicits simple emotions such as
unselfish love, kindness and consideration. It is emotionally
soothing and calming, warming, cheerful and nurturing colors that
lessen the feelings of irritation and aggression by surrounding us
with a sense of love. A study has even been conducted to show that
pink has a subduing effect on violent prison inmates. People who
enjoy wearing pink are typically affectionate, sympathetic and
understanding. They often need the support of others and can often
times be child-like. Pink takes on traits of red and white; therefore
it is still a sensuous color while being quite innocent. This
combination makes pink quite a sexual color, therefore it is self-
explanatory as to why four out of thirty guys chose pink as their
choice in bra color. And since it has traits of red, the most
appetite stimulating of colors, five percent of people chose pink as
their favorite color Jell-O.

Green is the color of freshness, peace, freedom, relaxation, security
and laziness. It can represent optimism, yet it also represents envy
and sickness. Because it is the color of life and vegetation, it
helps us to connect with the empathy of others and nature. Green has
a balancing quality that regulates our circulation so it is
physically and emotionally good for the heart, so we should seek
green under stress. Wearers of green are often cautious, quiet, and
humanistic and are the types to just observe life and not actually
get involved in the action. However, when a green-lover must get
involved, they will proceed cautiously to be able to fully control
the situation.

Yellow is the warmest, most cheerful, happiest, brightest and most
uplifting of all the colors. It stimulates the brain making people
alert, clear-headed and decisive. Because it helps aids the brain in
these activities, it would be a good idea to decorate an office in
yellow so that the worker could do his or her best thinking. It also
aids in the powers of discrimination, memory, clear thinking,
decision making, good judgment, organization, assimilation of new
ideas and ability to see other perspectives. A person that wears
yellow is someone that is easily approachable because they seem
stimulating, spontaneous, interesting and lively to others, and
normally are. However, yellow-lovers desire to find greater
happiness, which implies minor conflict in which release is needed.

Black is a very powerful color because of its mystery, dominance and
the fact that it is the most sophisticated of all colors. Black is
associated with silence, infinite and feminine life-force (passive,
uncharted and mysterious.) It is also associated with mourning by the
blue-collar and middle aged; however, it is well liked by the
wealthy. This is possibly due to the fact that black is the most
popular color in formal clothing, that is worn mostly by the upper
class. The wearers or black are often strong-willed, opinionated,
disciplined and independent. Guys admire these qualities in women and
find them sexy. That is why the majority, fourteen of thirty, guys
chose black bras on their dream girls. People who love black reject
help of others, and feel the need to renounce everything. But this
may be due to the fact that they have a little way to go until
maturity and are using black to cloak yourself while you discover
your true identity. Black is a color that is very popular in
clothing; especially formal clothing because it makes things look
smaller, meaning it makes people look thin. However, it is not
especially smart to make black the dominant color in a room because
it will give the room the same affect and could also give a person a
negative frame of mind.

White is the color that is always associated with cleanliness,
purity, coldness and peace. It gives off the aura of freedom and
openness. However, too much white can be cold and isolating or can
give headaches and cause eyestrain. White contains all the colors of
the spectrum; therefore it shows that people who wear white have a
positive, well-balanced, optimistic personality. They also seek a
lifestyle free of pressure. White is the most pure color, and this is
why ten percent of guys chose white bras. Many males' dream girls are
very innocent and pure; therefore they associate a pure girl with a
white bra.

At last, gray is the color of individuals. It gives off the
impression that you are self-sufficient and have good self-control
and prefer to be uninvolved. Gray is associated with independence,
self-reliance, and acts as a shield from influence. However, gray
gives off a negative feeling and can make a person who is around this
color frequently, feel lonely and self-critical. Gray takes on many
of the characteristics of black and white since it is a combination
of the two.

In the end, color subconsciously plays a vast role in the psychology
of humans. It can be a major persuasion factor in our emotions, and
they can seriously uplift or bring us down, especially if a person
associates a color with one particular idea. However, naturally,
color has the same general affect on people.

Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac.
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit
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Healthy Fellow, a blog written by a helpful member here, also has an article on this topic: Color Therapy.
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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
Healthy Fellow, a blog written by a helpful member here, also has an article on this topic: Color Therapy.

Thanks for pointing that out Kevin The Healthy Fellow blog looks very interesting and informative, and I'll need to spend some time exploring it!
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