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Old 07-29-2009, 09:45 AM
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Default Phone scam?

234 705 935 4902

I saw that number as I went through my missed calls this morning. I called the number and a man with an African accent answered. He spoke like the Nigerian doctors who work in T & T. He told me that he was doing some programme where cell numbers were selected at random from all over the world. He said that he was pleased to inform me that my LUCKY number had been selected and that entitled me to $50,000.00 U.S. I was told that I had two ways of receiving the money. I could come to London to collect it or I could supply personal information about myself so that a cheque could be posted to me.

I hung up at that point and I informed the police. I think that it is some scam where a promise of money is made with the intention of fleecing the person of money. Does anyone know how this type of activity works?
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Old 07-29-2009, 10:37 AM
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They started using phones? You must haven known they have spammed with email for years.
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Old 07-29-2009, 10:41 AM
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these scams work in two ways that I know of.... one of the ways, is the cost of the phone call... there are certain area codes that if you call that number, then you get charged an outrageous amount of money... the person tries to keep you on the phone for as long as he can... I have read in the newspapers where some folks get stuck with thousands of dollars worth of phone bills.... Im not exactly sure how it works, but apparently it works for them....
The other way, is they get your information over the phone, and then steal your identity... Alot of folks are really gullible at the concept that they may get a bunch of money. All they need is the right information and all your lifes savings and anything else they can get is gone.. Glad to know that you caught on right away and didnt turn into a victim!
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Old 07-29-2009, 05:28 PM
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Or, they send you a real official looking Cashiers Check for say $10,000. They say you just cash that check and send them $2,000. You keep the rest.

Some banks will cash these checks, you send your $2,000 and then a few days later the bank calls and says the check is a fraud, bring back the $10,000 please.

It happened to someone in my town, so people do fall for it.

I think you get the picture.
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Old 08-01-2009, 02:03 PM
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This week must SURELY be mine.

Two days after posting about the $50,000.00 U.S which I "won" because of my cell number, I received a three page letter (writing on both sides) from a secret organisation/society with a Las Vegas, Nevada, address. They told me ALL about the hidded treasures, talents that are buried inside me and the powerful qualities that I have and did not know that I possess. They asked for no money.

I was invited to join them by Friday and receive something of immense value from them absolutely free. On receipt of that valuable something the world would open at my feet. I would be rich, famous and irresistible to women, inter alia.

I wonder if the solar eclipse brought me all this good luck.

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