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Default Baby photo contest

Ok, so I did it... as a proud grandmother, I entered my grandson Bryson in a photo contest... yes, mom and dad said I could... mom took this great pic, my other daughter did the black and white work... it is such an awesome picture.... so go to this site please please please, vote for bryson, and give him a chance to win 2500 dollars. Not to pull on anyones heartstrings or anything, but the money sure would come in handy if and when they decide to have the bone lengthening surgury done on him..

and no, this isnt something I normally do.... but I saw the commercial on the WE channel on tv and then my daughter sent me this pic and figured what the hey, why not!!!!

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Just me, how was the contest going? I voted but didn't fill in all information, not sure if it counts.
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Im not too sure how its going... I have had a few friends having trouble getting into the link, but others havent had any problems... Im sort of sorry I joined the thing now... I have been getting so much spam mail, and mail from them, wanting me to join this group and buy this product, that its terrible... I hate to think that everyone is getting more spam because of me..... I figured since this was actually coming from a tv channel, that it would be safe from spammers, but apparently I was wrong....

It would be nice to see him win it, but if its going to cause everyone problems, Im not sure its worth it....

On the same lines tho, that picture shows the deformities in his arms pretty well.... Does anyone know if the surguries to straighten them out will actually be worth the pain he will have to go thru?
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Yes, I was going to vote and then I realized I would be spammed to death from it.
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