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Arrow Flus Are Not Contagious

Here's a long message that I found to be interesting, written by Leif on AlternativeAnswers.

That's right. All flus including the swine flu virus are not contagious. That's
because viruses are not living organisms like bacteria are. Colds however are
contagious because they involve bacteria.

As toxins enter the body they are
absorbed by tissue and become waste products. When one has as cold,
microorganisms break down damaged tissue and disposes of them through the nose
and mouth, coughing and sneezing being the common signs. Having colds is a
natural way for the body to clean itself. The flora in our bodies works to keep
the toxicity level down. However, when the body is overloaded with toxins and
the friendly bacteria is unable to break it down, the body must then create a
solvent to dissolve the stored waste. This solvent is in fact the virus itself.
Instead of letting the toxins build up to the point of death, the body creates a
virus in order to clean itself from the harmful material.

There are over 2,000
different kinds of viruses the body can make because there are over 2,000
different types of tissue in the body which can store toxins. Toxins enter the
body primarily through the nose, mouth, and injection.

The seasonal flu is not contagious just like bears going into hibernation. As
food becomes scarce, bears will find a place to hibernate until food becomes
available again in the spring. Bears going into hibernation is not contagious
but rather a result of temperature reduction. Sunshine is like food for plants,
animals, and humans as well. As the temperature goes down in the fall, many
trees loose their fruit and leaves. They become dormant and go into a
hibernation like state due to the lack of ultraviolet light. As temperature
increases so does the level of ultraviolet light. This is why trees will bear
leaves and fruit in the spring.

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that comes
form the sun. Vitamin D is needed for normal bone and tooth structure in humans.
In other words, sunshine is responsible for growth. The most important source of
Vitamin D is sunlight. Eating foods rich in Vitamin D is simply not enough in
getting adequate amounts of Vitamin D in one's body. Sunlight must be absorbed.
When one lacks Vitamin D, one will have a decrease in productivity. The body's
productivity includes bone, muscle, blood, organs, and the cleaning system. This
cleaning system is made up of bacteria and cells. So this is why many people
produce the flu in the winter season, because their productivity is reduced due
to their deficiency in Vitamin D caused by the decrease in absorption of
ultraviolet rays.

Different bodies will produce the flu at different times,
every 4 month, once a year, every 2 years, 5 years, 11 years, etc., depending on
the individual's toxicity and productivity. This cycle changes when the level of
toxicity and/or productivity change. Now when the body is able to break down the
stored poisons using the friendly bacteria, it will produce a common cold.
Obviously, more people commonly produce colds in the winter rather than the
summer. Examples of food sources that contain friendly bacteria include raw
milk, yogurt, and sauerkraut. Influenza in Latin means influence because people
believed epidemics were caused by the influence of stars. Well, the sun is a
star. Influenza stays true to its name. The increase of seasonal flus in the
winter is a direct result of the climate itself.

The belief in infections is a fallacy. There is no germ or parasite that can
cause disease. However, certain toxins that enter the body can trigger the
cleaning system to be activated. Humans, animals, and plants are all types of
living organisms. Bacteria is a living microorganism due to its size. There are
2 types of bacteria, friendly and harmful. When friendly bacteria enters the
body it is treated as a nutrient.

When harmful bacteria enters the body it is
treated as a poison. Poisons jeopardize productivity and must be cleansed. If
one were to drink urinated toilet water that has been sitting there for a month,
their cleaning system would immediately go to work. The bacteria in the water
has transformed into toxins from being stagnant for days. One's body would need
time to fully dispose of those toxins taking days or even weeks. There is no
germ in that water that caused the cleaning system to react but rather the
toxins itself. Germs do not exist.

When people drink raw milk (mother's or
cow's) their body accepts the friendly bacteria as a kind of nutrient and
productivity increases. When people cut themselves with rusted metal, their body
may react with swelling and blistering. This is not an infection, but rather the
body's response to the bits of metal embedded in the skin because they are
poison to the body.

The same applies to food. If one were to eat certain
poisonous mushrooms their body would go into an intense detoxification taking
years to recover. When people eat non-poisonous mushrooms, the organisms are
digested and absorbed as a protein.

Toxins can also be inhaled. As animal flesh
decomposes, it produces a foul odour. This particular odour is toxic to the
human body. This is why some people working with animal skins will breath in
enough harmful bacteria to the point where their bodies will need to clean
itself of the stored toxins. The most common detoxification the body creates for
this type of cleanse is anthrax. Many people have the view that parasites are
harmful, but in fact parasites are usually unknown friends. Parasites do not
thrive in healthy intestines which is why most people never know they have them.
Only when the intestines have become weakened form over-toxicity, malnutrition,
and/or excessive over-eating can parasites become overpopulated. In general,
parasites eat bits of the food ingested and work in harmony with the body. When
certain animals die, parasites help the body decompose. Vultures who feed on
dead animals may ingest some parasites along with the meat and the circle of
life continues. Parasites can't cause disease, only the condition of one's body

Viruses have no locomotive ability. They can not travel from one place to
another. When people catch a cold they inhale actively cleansing bacteria that
has migrated form the cough or sneeze of another. If the body happens to have
enough toxins stored at the time, then the microorganisms inhaled will activate
their friendly bacteria in the intestinal fora and a cleanse would take place.

Its either now or later. If one manages to dodge the ACB (actively cleansing
bacteria) at the point of opportunity, then toxins would continue to build up in
the body and a more intense detoxification will later take place and may even
advance into a viral detox. You can run from airborne bacteria but you cant hide
form the toxins that enter your body. Detoxifications are inevitable.

If one
were given the option of having to produce either a cold detox or a viral detox,
one would choose cold because it's less painful. Colds are gifts. We help each
other stay clean. When people inhale ACB at times when their bodies don't have
enough stored toxins to activate the cleaning system, nothing happens except for
adding a few more microorganisms to the system which is unnoticeable.

Now, if
one were to be next to a pig while it was going through a viral detoxification,
one could breath in some of the ACB and a cold cleanse would take place if
enough toxins were being stored. If the bacteria was unable to break down the
toxic waste wherever it my be stored, then the body would create a virus in
order to dissolve the damaged tissue. However, there is no chance that you would
produce the same virus that the pig produced. That's because you are not pig,
that DNA does not exist inside of you. Even if one were to eat the rash where
the virus was discharging out of the body or the entire pig itself, you would
not get the virus. After animal products are consumed, the animal's tissue is
completely dissolved and converted into human tissue.

Flu viruses can not be
caught, just like the AIDS virus. If you stand next to an AIDS victim while they
sneeze, you can not get AIDS. If you kiss an AIDS victim and swallow some of the
saliva, you can not get AIDS. However, if you withdrawal blood form an AIDS
victim and inject it into yourself, you can get AIDS. The same applies to swine
flu. After getting injected with a swine flu vaccine, which by the way contains
pig DNA, the chances of you getting the swine flu virus has just now gone form
0% to 100%. You are now part pig and bird (most vaccines are gown in egg
embryos) as well. Injecting people with foreign tissue is an unnatural activity.

Have you ever heard that people need to know their blood type just in case they
need to have blood transplants after having an accident? Well, pig DNA doesn't
even fall into one of those blood type categories and is bound to cause
complication. After injection the body will become alarmed with foreign DNA
which is why some people will immediately go into anaphylactic shock and even
die. Most people however will have a more mild reaction such as nausea,
diarrhea, headache, or all the signs of a flu. The body is unable to discharge
the newly implanted animal cells and will function abnormally. The cleaning
system will not function properly when producing viruses in the future because
cells are part of the cleaning system. The cleaning systems of birds and pigs
react a certain way to stored toxins in which is exclusive to their own species.
As time goes on, the animal cells form the vaccine injection will distribute
throughout the body. When it comes time to making a virus to dissolve the stored
waste products, the body will use the avian cells and swine cells in addition to
the human cells. The combined efforts of the bird's way for dissolving waste
along with the pig's way for dissolving waste will work in one big predicament
with the human's way to dissolve waste as a mutation. The body keeps trying to
eliminate the harmful toxins with various symptoms but is unsuccessful due to
having been genetically altered.

Back in the day vaccines were made by taking pus form a sore where the dissolved
toxins (virus) was being discharged and contaminating an animal with it. In the
case of the typhoid fever vaccine, human pus was taken from those going through
the typhoid fever detoxification and applied it to freshly made open wounds in
piglets. Then the virus activated the pig's cleaning system and began the
process of elimination stored toxins. After the bodies began to discharge the
waste, pus, which contains pig DNA, was harvested and put into chicken eggs for
incubation. This vaccine, which is similar to how the vaccines are made today,
was mandatory to all US soldiers going into WW1 in 1917. All medical and
non-medical authorities agree that vaccines are designed to clause a mild case
of the virus itself. Immediately after taking the vaccine a portion of the
military developed what the doctors labeled as paratyphoid. It was basically
typhoid fever that was not full blown. Now, if those soldiers would have been
given a vaccine made solely form human tissue, they would have gotten typhoid
fever. However, since they were given a vaccine made by mutating the human
typhoid virus in pigs, and then re-mutating it again in bird eggs, they were
given a genetically different virus. This human-swine-avian DNA mutation would
cause the bodies of those soldiers to malfunction in the future.

During WW1
soldiers were exposed to heavy gases on a regular bases. The poisons from those
gases accumulated in the lungs and would eventually need to be cleansed. In most
cases, the body would detoxify by creating the pneumonia cleanse. However,
because the cleaning system was using the chicken's way for dissolving toxins
along with the pig's way for dissolving toxins, it malfunctioned and was
unsuccessful in doing so. The body would send blood to the lungs in attempt to
dissolve the accumulated toxins, which is known as inflammation, but was futile
in doing so due to the operation being confused with foreign animal DNA. The
body would try repetitively by pumping additional blood into the lungs which
would eventually lead to hemorrhage, choking on one's own blood, suffocation,
and then death which is today known as a cytokine storm.

The cytokine storm is
precisely what caused the 1918 flu pandemic. Not the seasonal flu, not the swine
flu, but the body's new way for dealing with an overload of toxic waste caused
by the alien tissue injected form the typhoid fever vaccine. If we take a look
at all the gas being released in the sky from the chem-trails all across the
United States, some of us may see a connection.

In 2009 shortly after vaccination campaigns took place in Mexico, a few cases of
swine flu were reported. The White House then projected to the public that 50%
of the US population would be infected with the swine flu virus and predicted
the death rate would be 10%-20%. Infections is a fallacy and the death rate from
the swine flu for 2009 was actually lower than the 2 previous seasonal flus
combined. The death rate of people dying during the season flu detoxification is
less than 0.1% every year.

Micheal Leavitt, who led the development of the US
pandemic flu plan, commented on the government's projection, "what happened was
not an overreaction. It was a prudent response," he then goes on to say, "If
imminent information about terrorism is known to authorities, they need to
react. A pandemic is sort of nature's terrorist." Well lets take a look at a few
ways nature could be a terror to humanity. All the birds in the world could get
together and fly over populated areas dropping excrement at once. The fecal
matter would then, in combination with global warming, fill the air with putrid
methane gas and the masses would suffocate to death. That's one possibility.

Another possibility is all the pigs could develop a mad pig's disease by being
fed their own species. They would then break out of their pins and devour every
human in sight like zombies. That is possible. However, there is absolutely no
chance that animals will terrorize humans by giving us a flu. That's because
flus aren't contagious. The only way a flu can become a pandemic to humanity is
if people are injected with foreign tissue and their bodies are overloaded with
toxins. Toxins exist in the air we breath, the water we drink, the food and
medications we eat, and the injections we take.

Just exactly how did vaccines get started? Vaccinations developed in China as
early as 200 BC and may even have originated in India 1000 AD. Smallpox was a
common detoxification throughout the world and about 50% of the population would
produce it. 20%-30% of those who created the virus in their body would die
during the cleanse. The first method used to avoid smallpox was to take smallpox
scabs, make a powder out of it, and then inhale some of it. Later on smallpox
scabs were taken and inserted under the skin by making a small cut which is
known as violation. These methods were used up until the17th century. Because
people were being injected with the smallpox virus, many became seriously ill or
died from variola.

New methods were being explored. Eventually someone tried
taking cowpox scabs from the breast of cattle and placing it under the skin in
children which was called engrafting at the time. This method became popular
because the death rate was 1/10 that of variolation. Engrafting was introduced
into England in the 1710's. Many people believe that engrafting prevented them
form getting smallpox but in actuality only changed their body's productivity.
Because their bodies were being introduced with a similar virus, the cow's
version of smallpox, their cleaning system, which is made up of bacteria and
cells, was unable to produce the normal virus. Having a foreign virus introduced
into you can't change the fact that toxins are still entering your body and will
eventually need to be cleansed. Now that people's genetic code had been altered,
their bodies could not make smallpox and had to create a new virus such as
measles, mumps, or chickenpox. The common belief is that smallpox was eradicated
through vaccination which is probably untrue. The likely reason that there has
been no more cases of smallpox since 1977 is because sanitation and
manufacturing has improved tremendously. Either that or all of our ancestors
have been vaccinated with cowpox.

The Black Death was primarily caused by poor
sanitation which wiped out half of Europe's population. This led the survivors
to improve sanitation from then on. Stainless steel was not used by most people
in the world and has become commonly available only in recent times. This means
significant amounts of free radicals were entering the body from food and water
contaminated by iron pots, lead cups, etc. A recent example of food
contamination came during WW2. Canned foods came out and became popular amongst
US citizens. Since the nervous system uses metallic minerals for transmission,
tin was implanting itself into the spinal cord. This is what led many people to
produce the polio cleanse. People who weren't eating canned foods didn't produce
polio such as the Amish.

Improved manufacturing and sanitation has significantly
reduced the amount of heavy cleanses people produce, such as pertussis, in the
last 50 years.

Lets take a look at what viruses are exactly. If you look inside an
encyclopedia, you will read that viruses may have evolved from plasmids while
others may have evolved from bacteria. This means viruses are created within the
body either by bacteria or by cells. There are 10 times more bacteria in human
flora then there are in the body which means viruses are most likely made by the
cells. There are no prehistoric records of viruses because a virus is a solvent
just like water. You can't find water in a fossil just like a virus. Water
dissolves rock.

Viruses are too small to be seen with a light microscope and are
100 times smaller than the average bacterium. Biology says, "A virus exists in 2
states. When not in contact with host cells, it is dormant. There are no
internal biological activities occurring - the virus is a static organic
particle. This is referred to as a viron." This viron is precisely the solvent
that the body creates. It then goes on to say, "When the viron comes into
contact with a host, it becomes active and is then referred to as a virus." In
other words, when the solvent comes into contact with the damaged tissue, it
dissolves the toxins and beings the process of elimination.

Viruses come in
thousands of different shapes and sizes because there are thousands of different
tissues in the body that can be cleansed. The only way to get the same virus
someone or some animal is producing in by injection. Nobody in the world is
genetically identical, even twins. All viruses contain genetic information from
either the DNA or RNA that is in the tissue being dissolved. So if i were to
breath in some friendly bacteria form someone going through a viral
detoxification and that bacteria produced a solvent and started a viral
detoxification in my own body, i would have a completely different virus even if
the same tissue was being cleansed. That's because my DNA or RNA that is being
disposed is genetically different from the other person.

Now if i got injected
with some of the tissue form that person, then i would get his virus. This could
be tested. If you take 1000 people who going through the seasonal flu and put
them in a room with 1000 people who are not going through any cleanse, nobody
would get the flu from another person. Blood tests would prove that.

Now if you
took 1000 birds and 1000 pigs going through their own flu and put them in a room
with 1000 non-detoxing people, nobody would get an avian flu or a swine flu.
Unless of course some of those people have been given a bird flu or a swine flu
vaccine, then they would be part bird and/or part pig and would produce a
mutated virus. Colds discharge toxins through the mouth and nose while viruses
discharge toxins through the pores of the skin, by rash, sores, blisters, or in
the case of influenza, by sweat.

So what does a vaccine do exactly? The common perception is that a vaccine is a
purified viral antigen that will sterilely stimulate their immune system and
prevent them form getting the virus. An antigen in the virus itself capable of
stimulating an immune response. An immune response is the body's reaction to the
antigen in the formation of antibodies. An antibody is what the body produces
after being stimulated by an antigen and acting specifically against the

An immune system protects the body form foreign cells and tissues. Well
guess what? The only way to get foreign cells and tissues into one's body is by
injecting it into them. Allow me to paint out a very clear picture for you. The
virus, which can only be obtained through injection, has just been given to you.
Now, for the first time in humanity, your body must create whats called an
"immune system" in order to protect itself from the new gift of alien genes,
which could never happen in nature. Your body will be unable to dispose of those
foreign tissues because they were injected instead of being ingested. The
foreign tissues from a completely different species, which could never be
caught, will now sabotage your body's productivity by mutation your genetic
code. Your body will resist the alien tissue by going anti and making a small
body to fight against the foreign DNA known as the antibody. The actual flu that
came with that animal tissue, which is a viral detoxification close to being
finished, will pass through your body very quickly by having some type of
reaction such as swelling at the point of injection, body aches, fatigue, or all
the signs of a flu.

You are never exempt from the toxins that enter your body.
The resistance your body creates in response to the foreign tissue, powered by
your antibody, is known as immunity. Because your genes have transformed into a
mutated species, various parts of your body will malfunction in the future
depending on how many toxins enter your body. The fastest way for your body to
become poisoned is through vaccination which contains things like mercury and
aluminum which tends to accumulate in your brain.

Your cleaning system may
mistake harmless material as a threat, such as pollen, and instantly start a
cleansing fury known as allergies. Your body may produce a rash, itching eyes,
running nose to try and eliminate the harmless material when the real threat is
the non-disposable foreign tissues and poisons.

Other parts of your body may be
confused such as your pancreas overproducing insulin which will lead you to have
diabetes. Your body may completely stop eliminating toxins from your cleaning
system being unable to make the appropriate virus to dissolve damaged tissue
resulting in dead cells building up to the point of of a tumor known as cancer.

Your body will forever be altered and your mutated genes will be passed on to
your children. They may be born with a malfunctioning brain and have autism.
Disease by definition is an abnormal bodily condition that impairs function. The
only disease known to humanity can come only form an injection.

Any cold or
virus that is produced in someone who hasn't been injected is a normal condition
of the body. All diseases are caused by injection. A symptom is something that
indicates the presents of disease or abnormality. Only people who have been
injected can have symptoms. A cold or a virus is a sign that the body is
naturally cleansing itself from harmful material. A pandemic is a wide-spread
outbreak of disease which could only be caused by wide-spread injection.

The evidence is undeniable. People can never catch a flu virus from another
person or animal and it could never be proven in a laboratory that flus are
contagious. Viruses are not organisms and can not travel. Vaccines do not
prevent disease but rather creates it. People in 3rd world countries who have
never been injected don't have disease.

The information i present to you is
radical simply because the majority of the people in the world don't know about
it. The reason the majority are unaware of these facts is because the people
misinforming us are doing so because they are deceiving us or they themselves
are ignorant of the truth. Misunderstanding reality leads people to be confused
about life and have unnecessary conflicts.

The truth must be heard simply
because "No country and no people can be free and ignorant at the same time" -
Tomas Jefferson. That means most of us are currently slaves. We are enslaved by
inflation and debt which exists because banks make money out of nothing and lend
out up to 10 times more than they actually have and because governments barrow
money form banks and tax the people so they can pay off their won debt.

reflecting on all this new information presented, some of us my ask ourselves:
Why has 39 out of 50 states passed whats called a "state emergency and health
powers act" which will force all citizens to be vaccinated in the case of a
pandemic? And why is it that the WHO is having all 196 countries in the world
sign an agreement to force all their citizens to be vaccinated as well? Well,
like Henry Kissinger said is his 1974 report, "the greatest way to get rid of
overpopulation is to inject people with contaminated medications."

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~Immanual Kant~
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You've got to be kidding?

this is hardly worth debating.

It is so rediculous!

I wonder how people got sick before injections?
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