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Default Pain in jaw when biting, after large filling.

Hi, I've had a problem with one of my teeth for about 14 months, it's on the lower jaw about 4 from the middle (or second last one) i think. The problem was it was very sensitive when biting on it, on release of any pressure it would kill with pain. They suspected a crack and have been doing fillings on it trying to find it. Anyway another dentist there had a go at it as one last attempt before more drastic work like root canal etc. So after having that done he warned me it might be sore for a couple days as he went quite deep and took a lot of tooth out.

Anyway he fixed the problem i was having, i can now chew on that side of the mouth again without that horrible pain, except now i have a different pain, whenever i chew on it i pretty much straight away get pain in the jaw under that area of the tooth. It's hard to describe but it seems to feel the same as if you put your fingers under the lower jaw bone and dig your fingers in, well that hurts for me anyway, don't know if it's normal. Is it possible the filling he did has merely hidden the pain i used to feel, so now it's there but just feels different? Or could something else be the problem. The tooth is also sensitive to cold drinks now which it wasn't before, if i get anything cold on it though rather than it feeling like pain from in the tooth it feels more like someone has suddenly punched me really hard in the jaw.
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Default Re: Pain in jaw when biting, after large filling.

Depending on the depth and direction of the fracture, this tooth may or may not be restorable.

Sounds to me that Root Canal Therapy and a full coverage crown will be needed if the tooth is salvageable.

Otherwise an extraction and either a fixed bridge or implant.

Most times fillings of any kind will not help a fractured tooth. An NTI may also be in order.
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Default Re: Pain in jaw when biting, after large filling.

Abscess. Sensitive to pressure .....

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Default tooth pain

When a tooth is sensitive to cold, it indicates a pulp alive and irritated, when a tooth is sensitive to hot, it indicates the pulp is not vital.

When you bite down and get a pain under the tooth, it indicates that an abcess might be present and pressure of biting is causing the abcess to bulge, causing pain.

Hope you have taken steps to take care of this problem

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