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Default Brushing your teeth and heart health!

Brush regularly and protect your heart, say scientists at University College London, who revealed a 79% rise in the risk of cardiovascular disease in people who didn't.
Other research said bacteria can enter the bloodstream through bleeding gums, creating inflammation that affects the heart
- 'Yours' magazine August 2010

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Talking Dental Hygiene

Originally Posted by knightofalbion View Post
Brush regularly and protect your heart, say scientists at University College London, who revealed a 79% rise in the risk of cardiovascular disease in people who didn't.
Other research said bacteria can enter the bloodstream through bleeding gums, creating inflammation that affects the heart
Thanks knightofalbion, it's true that everything is related. Here's a short article from one of our member's (Harry Hirsute) blog.

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This can't be stressed enough:
-Brush at least 2x daily
-Visit your dentist every 6 months for cleanings

Warning Signs:
Red, swollen or tender gums
Bleeding while brushing or flossing
Gums that pull away from the teeth and/or loose or separating teeth
Persistent bad breath

Evidence continues to mount suggesting that people with periodontal (gum) disease, a bacterial infection, may be more at risk for heart disease and strokes. Why? Because bacteria and its byproducts from the gum tissues may enter the blood stream, and cause small blood clots that may contribute to the clogging of arteries.
The inflammation caused by gum disease may also contribute to the buildup of fatty deposits inside heart arteries.

If plaque is not removed each day by brushing and flossing, it hardens into a rigid mineralized substance called tartar. Even if you think you're doing a GREAT job flossing, plaque can still remain in your mouth. Only a dental professional can remove the tartar and plaque you may miss at home.

An article published in the December issue of the Journal of Periodontology (JOP), the official publication of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), suggests that periodontal patients whose bodies show evidence of a reaction to the bacteria associated with periodontitis may have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

study showed that all patients had high levels of an inflammatory marker called C-reactive protein, (CRP) which is known to put individuals at high risk for heart disease, and of fibrinogen, a protein involved in promoting blood clots


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It is possible to clean your own teeth "professionally"

All you need is a dental pic. They really don't do anything special there unless you have severe gum disease in which case they will scale under the gums which is hard to do yourself. And you certainly don't want them blasting you with fluoride.

With Dental and Oral disease these are the big three issues that come into play!
First is a microbe problem in your mouth,
Second is a nutritional problem.
Third may be a fluoride issue…And I do think you can overcome it!
But it will take some work on your part.

You must start eating lots more fresh veggies, like every day, veggie salads!
You need to address all three and here is the plan. Aside from brushing and flossing daily, which is probably the only correct thing your dentist has taught you, this is what I would do.
1. Stop drinking anything with fluoride in it. Purchase bottled or purified water if you must. Too much fluoride makes your teeth weak, crumble and become susceptible to cavities.
2. Get Xylitolwhite or Spry tooth paste. Don’t ever use the other stuff again. These toothpastes will help to eliminate bacteria.
iHerb.com - Product Details - Now Foods, XyliWhite Toothpaste Gel, Refreshmint, 6.4 oz (181 g)
I just happen to have a coupon code for Xyliwhite and you will get it free if you make a first order. Put BAR967 in the coupon code. Or if you don’t want the toothpaste the code can be used for $5 off any other product. Anyone reading this can use it but I don’t know for how long it will be good for. If you don’t like Xyliwhite then try Spry next time.

3. For a while you will have to get into the offensive attack mode. Get some Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract and put one drop on your toothpaste and brush. If you can tolerate it increase to two drops when you can. If your gums can handle it rub it directly on the gums and put some on your dental floss. Now be careful because if your gums are really bad it will burn. You want to work up to it.
iHerb.com - Product Details - NutriBiotic, The Original GSE Liquid Concentrate, 4 fl oz (118 ml)

4. Get some CoQ10 100mg and take one cap two times a day. This is the type I recommend because it is an an oil base which makes it assimilate better. This will nourish your gums from the inside out and you can also poke a hole in the cap and apply it directly to your gums.
iHerb.com - Product Details - Healthy Origins, CoQ10 Gels, 100 mg, 150 Softgel Capsules

5. Vegital Silica may be helpful to strenghten bones and teeth. I wonder how your bones are? Take 3 caps two times a day for about 3 months, then 2 caps as maintenance.
iHerb.com - Product Details - Flora, Vegetal Silica, 180 Capsules
NOW, the Flora bone builder below also has silica but you need to take extra for a while. For further information go here: https://www.healthsalon.org/480/horsetail-silica-for-osteoporosis/

6. Take trace minerals, liquid is good, from a Utah mine or this, or any that has at least 72 trace minerals.
iHerb.com - Product Details - Source Naturals, Colloida Life Trace Minerals, 4 fl oz (118.28 ml)

7. Take a low dose calcium/magnesium supplement. about 300mg on the calcium. One tablet of these daily will be Ok.
iHerb.com - Product Details - Flora, Bone Basics, 160 Capsules

8. Vitamin D, Purchase 5,000 IU caps and take 10,000 IU daily for 2 weeks, then 5,000 IU daily. This is one of the best products here:

9. Eliminate all sugar from your diet, at least until you are healed up. Try Xylitol or stevia for your sweetening needs. iHerb.com - Product Details - Now Foods, Stevia Liquid Extract, 2 fl oz (60 ml)
iHerb.com - Product Details - Now Foods, Xylitol Plus, 75 Packets
If you look around you will find some cookbooks for this stuff, like on Amazon. I often use them together cause if you use tooo much stevia it has an aftertaste, but it is cheaper than xylitol, which tastes the best. Together I can get a nice compromise.

10. Make sure your toothbrush is clean. You do not need to purchase a new brush frequently if you leave your brush in hydrogen peroxide. Your brush will be very clean for each use. Some people use a little clorox. A quarter teaspoon in a glass of water is more than enough to sterilize your brush. Just give it a quick rinse before using.
11. Get rid of the mercury filling that are toxic and harbor bacteria. Find a dentist that can treat with ozone. Learn more about it here:
I hope you find this helpful. I have managed to eliminate all my gum issues and have helped quite a few others do the same and I haven’t had a cavity in more years than I can remember!
"The nurse should be cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, full of faith, - receptive to Truth and Love" Mary Baker Eddy
Visit www.HealthSalon.org
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Where do you buy ozone water? Shawn
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