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Default Cocoa-Coffee downside.

I mentioned somewhere here previously that I had a titanium implant several months ago.
There were no complications, very little pain, and I was happy with the results.

Today I underwent a 2nd implant. I skipped breakfast except for a quart of hot cocoa and a cup of coffee.......big mistake. There was much more pain this time....took much longer to numb my oral nerves. I believe the cocoa and coffee stimulated my nerves. I'll know better next time.
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It could have something to do with it's antioxidant effect. Vitamin C is generally discouraged prior to the administration of anesthesia, for instance.
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Yes, I've had a similar experience. I think it was just the caffiene in the items in question. Definately, caffiene stimulates almost everything in the body, including the nerves (hense why some of us have better reflexes after drinking a cup of joe, no?)... It could have just been the caffiene stimulating the nerves of your body... that's my personal opinion.
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Good to know - I probably would have shied away from hot drinks in general after my upcoming dental procedure, but its good to have some insight into what might cause extra pain with them...
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