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Default Salba - A Novel Whole-Grain

Beneficial Effects of Salba (A Novel Whole-Grain) Intake on Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Diabetes

2007-09-07 - St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Research Summary:

In a single-blind, crossover design study involving 20 subjects (mean age = 64 years) with well-controlled type 2 diabetes, results indicate that long-term supplementation with Salba - a novel whole-grain (Salvia hispanica L.), rich in fiber, alpha-linolenic acid and minerals - may lower systolic blood pressure and certain other cardiovascular risk factors.

Using a crossover design, the subjects were randomized to receive either 37 g/day Salba or wheat bran (control) for a period of 12 weeks, while remaining on their conventional diabetes therapies.

Salba supplementation was found to significantly reduce systolic blood pressure (-6.3 mm Hg), hs-CRP (-40%) and von Willebrand factor (-21%), compared with the control.

Additionally, significant decreases in A1c and fibrinogen were observed at Salba-intervention end, compared to Salba-intervention baseline. No changes in safety parameters were associated with Salba supplementation.

Thus, the authors of this study conclude, "Long-term supplementation with Salba attenuated a major cardiovascular risk factor (SBP) and emerging factors (hs-CRP and vWF) safely beyond conventional therapy, while maintaining good glycemic and lipid control in people with well-controlled type 2 diabetes."
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I eat salba seeds and I can say they give me a wonderful boost. It's like a shot of caffeine.

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I've read things that suggest Salba is just a version of Chia, and that the only difference is the Salba has had clinical studies on it, Chia hasn't, but that if you buy Chia you get the same thing with less of a price tag.

Not sure if these reports are 100% accurate, or not, but they certainly throw up an interesting conundrum.
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I've looked into this before and found that they are the same thing.
Salva Hispanica L. is chia/salba. I suspect the "b" came about as in Spanish a "v" is pronounced like a "b"


and this site is quite interesting:
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Yes, Arrowwind is correct. Salba is the chia seed. It could be someone slapped a different name on the product in order to make it sell better. Chia seeds have a somewhat comical connotation to them due to the Chia Pet.

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Not sure if doing that is technially illegal, as the company using the word Salba, may have a licence to sell it under that name, a bit like having an Anti-histamaine for allergy suffers, then using names like Zirtek and Piritin etc etc, instead of a medical name, although obviously such ingredients do have to be listed, regardless of trade names.

I did here of one con job once, involving a guy called Johnny Morrisey, who played Football, (soccer), for a British team called Everton back in the 60's and 70's.

He also ran some supermarkets, and was found to have been putting labels, with I think the Princes foods logo on, to cheaper cans of Tuna, and selling them at a higher price.

I believe he went to prison for it.

Whether selling Chia seeds under the name Salba could be classed as illegal though, remains unsure in my view. Might be upto some kind of licensing organisation to decide that, which in America would probably the FDA, or as some make them out, the Fairly Dubious Administration.
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I am an athlete that heartily endorse products which have been around for centuries and do not have to many ingredients in them.
Best Regards.
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Default Salba

I recently received several jars of Salba free when Northstar Nutritionals
had a buy 1, get one free sales program on. I ordered doubles of other
products and if I'd order a third, I'd get free Salba. I guess it's been a
slow mover. LOL!
Sooooo, I've been finding new ways to use Salba; This would work for
Chia seeds too.
Last night for dinner I made hamburgers. I also had a small jar of soured
milk that I hated to throw away. The result turned out to be delish!
To 1 lb of grd chk, I added chopped onions, fresh chopped garlic, several
TBSP of Salba and 1/4 cup of the curdled sour milk. I formed it into 3 large
patties and fried them in a tiny bit of olive oil.
Man, were they ever good!
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