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Default Polyester "Tech Gear", of benefit or too toxic?

My brother alerted me to this Youtube video:
Youtube / Running Raw: How To Dress For Cold Weather Running, 7:33 min.

In it Tim Tim VanOrden advocates to wear "tech gear" or "performance clothing" made of polyester and to avoid materials like cotton. Ever since that video I am trying to purchase more of that type of clothing. During one winter run outside wearing such clothing I was very impressed at how toasty it kept me without any sweating after over a dozen minutes of running, because it is very breathable unlike cotton or other natural materials.

My only concern with this type of clothing is that it is made out of plastics which are generally toxic unlike their natural counterparts. I found this study linked via Wikipedia:
Originally Posted by Ahmed Shafik
Polyester textiles and infertility


... There were insignificant changes in the testicular temperatures and serum hormones in all groups throughout the 30 months of experiment, and the cotton as well as the control group showed insignificant changes in the semen pattern during the test period. In contrast, the polyester group revealed a significant decrease in the sperm count of four volunteers by the 14th month and the testicular biopsy showed degenerative changes; the semen pattern normalized in one volunteer within four, and in three within 6 months after the pants had been removed. In the polyester/cotton mix group, one volunteer became oligospermic in the sixteenth month, but eight months after removal of the pants, returned to the pre-test level. This outcome left no doubt that polyester had a deleterious effect on the spermatogenesis in some volunteers which was reversible, however, when the pants were removed.

Overall though, I feel this material is too beneficial to pass up on, I doubt the plastic toxicity can negate their superior moisture wicking properties which will help you expel more toxins during physical activity. Does anyone know of any other problems with this type of plastic known as polyester?

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I am not sure, but many plastics (not all) have something in them called a plasticizer that allows them to be more flexible. The plasiticizer does leak out and leach out, hence plastic water bottles should be kept in a cool place.
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Yeah but that is not specific to polyester. Like I said, I do not know if anyone has tried to run or vigorous exercise with all polyester, but you can wear several thick layers and still not sweat like a pig, unlike cotton. It is quite amazing how inferior cotton is by comparison. So I am still wondering if its moisture wicking benefits help chelate out more toxins to negate the fact it is made from plastics.

Also does anyone know of a natural clothing material with similar properties?
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