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Your comments make sense, matter of fact I could pull similar quotes out of the Atkin’s book that I have just read. So it would appear that in the past much of the criticism of Atkins has been based on personal belief rather then actual information. However with new studies coming out that seems to be changing.

As far as the different type of sugars are concerned it is my understanding that the body does not care whether the sugar comes from sugar or the converting of carbs into sugar as it is then converted in to the glucose, which is what really is fueling the bodies cells. Apparently there is a technical difference between sugar and glucose, although they are frequently used interchangeably.

Anyway what is important for the diabetic is that they eat their “sugars” in small doses or in foods that will give a slow timed released.
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Ralph Moss just wrote a column about HCG. It's quite a critical assessment.

But hCG isn't just a harmless dietary supplement. Like all hormones it has profound physiological effects on a wide variety of organs and tissues. For example, hCG can cause considerable fluid retention, making it potentially dangerous for people with cardiac or kidney problems, asthma, epilepsy or migraine.

Men taking hCG may develop a distressing condition called gynecomastia - enlargement of the male breasts. There have also been a number of reports in the medical literature describing the development of testicular cancer in young men taking hCG, and although a definite causative link has not been clearly established, there is legitimate cause for concern. There is also some evidence that there is an increased risk of ovarian cancer in women treated with hCG for infertility.

As to hCG's ability to promote weight loss, the FDA requires the following warning - in capital letters - to be included in the prescribing information:

"HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or "normal" distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets."

Although I have often disagreed with the FDA in the past, in this case I think they have a point. HCG may yet turn out to hold important clues concerning cancer's ability to evade the body's immune system, but as method of controlling one's weight it is potentially dangerous. I would avoid it until further studies are done to establish its safety and effectiveness.
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Originally Posted by Mad Scientest View Post
So it would appear that in the past much of the criticism of Atkins has been based on personal belief rather then actual information.
In truth it seemed to be people recanting personal experiences from using Atkins. So that was partly what made me think poorly of it.

As for Sugars, yes you are almost certainly correct about the bodies use of Sugars, except that the Enzymatic reactions for them are slightly diffferent.

Obviously a lot of Sugars have Transferases, I think Starch has Ptyalin, and also Amylase present in the Mouth and Gut, is a big player in food breakdown.

The way Sugars do get used though, as you say, almost certainly creates no specific difference, once any amount of Simple or Complex carbs have been absorbed.

You're right also, the main thing for Diabetics is the use of small high or moderate GI portions, or more lower GI foods, or mixed levels of low and moderate / high, relative to Total Carb of course and GL.
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just me,

The Atkins Diet is basically an antifungal diet. As you know I am a firm believer that it is fungus that makes us fat. The hCG diet is also mostly an antifungal diet with not nearly enough calories. I don't care what Kevin Trudeau says, and I have his book and read it, if you eat only 500 calories a day, you will lower your metabolism. This is not what you want as a side effect of this diet. As I said before, when I was on Doug Kaufmann's antifungal diet, I lost weight very quickly without counting calories at all. The first 8 days I lost 11 lbs. I ate as much as I wanted, and believe me it was way more than 500 calories. As Dr. Atkins says in his book, which I have and have also been on his diet, after a while you don't crave food so much and you lose your taste for sugar. Well, that happened to me and my son who was also on the antifungal diet. Fungus craves sugar. One thing is for sure, no one can lose weight permanently if they don't get rid of the fungus in their body. Even if you go on the Atkins diet, you "MUST" consume only grass fed meats because any other meats contain fungus from grains and antibiotics. It is not just Doug Kaufmann at www.knowthecause.com that believes this to be true. Before I learned about him I was watching Maureen Salaman, Nutritionist, on Making Healthy Choices and she was always telling people that it was grains with fungus and antibiotics which are fungus in meat that was making the population fat.

Like it or not, IMO as well as many "doctors" the only way to lose weight permanently is to go on an antifungal diet using probiotics and antifungal supplements as well as eating grass fed meats. And another thing I find interesting in one of Doug's books he talks about how fungus "eats" progesterone. A year ago I had my progesterone levels tested (I am menopausal) and the results were .1. A few weeks ago I had them tested again and they are now 1.1! The only thing I could relate that to was the antifungal diet!!! I am now using a progesterone cream. Doug says if you have fungus, the only way to improve your progesterone levels is by using a natural progesterone cream. Progesterone also regulates other hormones in the body. Maybe progesterone will help with weight loss, too!? Have you had your levels tested? Maybe it's not the hCG injections that cause the weightloss at all, but the fact that the diet itself is killing fungus! Maybe higher levels of progesterone increase the function of the thyroid. Doug says a hypothyroid is often misdiagnosed due to fungus which lowers the metabolism. I had my TSH tested a year ago and it was 4.5. A few weeks ago the test results were 3.8! I know of nothing that could have caused the results to be lower except for the fact that I went on the antifungal diet and have been taking probiotics and antifungals every day. Oh, yeah, I have also taken MMS which is an antifungal.

Grass fed beef contains CLA an essential fatty acid that is known to build muscle and help with weight loss. This is an article from Life Extension:


Gosh, I could go on and on, but I believe the hCG injections are not the reason for the rapid weight loss. I could be wrong of course! LOL Good luck with whatever you choose to do. I know it's not easy. One other thing, I continue to maintain my weight after being on the antifungal diet. I eat as much as I want and never count calories. I will always eat grass fed meats, but occasionally I eat grains and sugar. I make sure I take plenty of probiotics and antifungals when I do!

Sally B.

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When it comes to protein and low carb info I much prefer the book called "Protein Power" by Drs Eades, husband and wife. Much more informative than Atkins book.

I always liked Dr Atkins because he was an ozone doc. He believed in going after knowledge that works!
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The Eades have an excellent website as well. Mike does a regular blog and Mary does her own blog, though not as frequently.

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