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Default Are there any weight loss products that have no side effects


I have tried so many products for losing weight. But so far I haven�t found any products which give good results without any side effects. Now, I'm looking for products that have no side effects and can help me to control my weight. Can anyone help me?
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Are you talking about things that you ingest? If so, I personally don't believe in them. Not only do you risk potential long term effects to your health, you are not changing you lifestyle and learning how to make healthier choices - you are relying on a "pill" to be the answer. For the majority of us it is just plain hard work and different choices that lead to a healthier life.

Now granted there are some who need medical assistance - maybe b/c of thyroid problems or other things - but those are given under the guidance of a doctor - not something you can self medicate.

Sorry to be a downer...but having known people that not only have done permanent damage to their bodies but not been able to maintain weight loss for a significant amount of time - I have learned there are no magic remedies! If you are looking for this - this probably is not the site for you.
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Default Re:Are there any weight loss products that have no side effe

The best way to reduce weight is to exercise and maintain a good, healthy diet. Most diet pills don't work and are harmful to your health. If you are looking for good diet programs, then yes Bistro MD diet works really well. It's completely natural and is low on calories. Basically its a low carb, high protein diet prepared by experts and recommended by Dr. Phil. I have been using it for 5 months now and I have lost a lot weight with Bistro MD and Jogging.
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Old 04-10-2010, 10:35 AM
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There are a couple of natural things you can take that will help metabolize your body and work more efficiently on its own. If your diet right now is maintaining your weight, then you will see as gradual weight loss all on its own. Take 1000 mg capsule Tonalin CLA 3x day, Take Relora 3x day, get the Nutiva 54 ounce size of coconut oil from Amazon (get two & get free shipping, a deal!)...ingest 3 tblspons a day of it one way or another. Green tea extract. 1000 mg. 3x day. 5HTP can also aid with weight loss naturally, just do not use 5HTP with anti-depresants and don't take after noon. You won't have nightmares but you can have vivid dreams. Also L carnitine is a good thing for weight loss, too. Just do these consistently and I promise you will lose weight slowly and feel like a new person before you even lose all your weight. It all helped me and I've got friends on this program and have for a long time. It works. Of course, any calories you cut and walking you do will expedite the program. How can it not?
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There is also the thyroid issue. Make sure your thyroid is working up to par by getting thyroid hormone tests done. Then if you are hypothyroid, refuse the mediciation and look into iodine supplementation. Most cases of hypothyroid funciton is due to iodine deficiency. There can also be issues in absorption and metabolizing iodine that can be addressed, When these issues are repaired the thyroid has the ability to pick up and start functioning again.

Then there is also the issue of parasites and virus at subclinical levels, that dep;eat energy and reak havoc on the metabolism. If you think you have a subclinical infection a course of MMS1 will likley get rid of it. If these pathogens are depleating your energy you don't feel like exercising and eating right. I know this is a stretch to believe and it took me a long time to understand and accept that this is what is happening on lots of folks... In my opinion everyone should do a yearly cleanse with mms 1. Some people take it daily at a low dose to prevent pathogens from coming on... but I have not ventured in that direction myself
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