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Default Nutrisystem???

Does anyone whose not a celebrity lose weight eating this food?

I mean even Kirstie Alley fell apart after she stopped Jenny, fatter than before, and I saw her on Oprah and she had a home gym and lots of help, which I don’t, need to drop at least 20 pounds can anyone say if this stuff works and if the food tastes halfway decent, it really weirds me out that it’s reconstituted, their website does a good job of hiding that, I thought it was all frozen but I guess you add water?

Sounds like astronaut food, and if it’s only portion control, I can do that cheaper from the market.

Any feedback?

Also, anyone try NuLean?

It’s totally different, read a good review of it but never heard of it before, more of a detox, anyone?
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This food they show on TV looks like trash to me. Get the book, "loose 21 pounds in 21 days" at amazon.com. You should be able to find a used copy by now.
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I find when I work out twice a day 5 days a week and once on the weekend I lose weight. Right now I am very busy and I have just 4 sessions of exercise completed this week, not good. But of all theories of weight loss, I like the set pt theory the best. Your body has a set point and to lose (or gain ) weight you have to re-adjust it. For weight loss, you need a MINIMUM of 4 45 minute aerobic workouts a week. Add this to 2 light weight lifting sessions and keep it up and wait 4-6 weeks and you will see a drop.
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