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Default Trampoline exercise

I was going to buy a trampoline with a handle to do a regular 3 minutes a day to improve my circulation. I came across loads of sites saying these machines had to be recalled because of accidents where the handle broke or the springs gave way. They take up to 16 stones in weight, so they aren't all just for children, but I couldn't get my order accepted, so I guess I was being told I shuldn't go ahead!!
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That is too bad that you were unsuccessful in getting a mini-trampoline (rebounder).

I really enjoy mine. It moves my lymph system very well. It is portable. I use it for about 5 minutes while watching TV. Then after a while, I'll do it again. Sometimes, when my sinuses are stuffed from swelling, it is the only thing that will help me un-stuff them - at least temporarily.

A handle is very handy. Mine has two handles that are supposed to move back and forth with resistance; supposedly to give me a better workout. They have failed to provide resistance after some period of time. However, I still use them to keep me steady while jumping. I find that all I need is to have something available to lightly touch for balance. Must be age. I've had this thing for 5 years now.
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I found my rebounder at a yard sale several years ago. It has no handles or bars;
I have it behind a chair that I hang on to for balance. So you might check out
yard sales, second hand stores, etc.
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I bought 8FT trampoline and put it in backyard. The first thing to do is that jumping on trampoline 10 mins when I get home. It is really good. But I want change it to mini one as it is too big to put in house. I want to watch TV when I'm doing exercise.
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