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Default OH MY GOD

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Surely we are missing something.. surely these phrases are being taken out of context??? Yes??? Where is the whole speech, the whole talk? Do they have the video out for the whole speech he gave?
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OH BS! He didn't say that.

Studies indicate that if disease is reduced and they think they do this through vaccines, then people will have less children who are healthier. Education and good healthcare is known to reduce population because it changes the mindset of people. Look at the US. We have birth rate of 2.3 or thereabouts. Italy is even lower. When a population becomes educated, healthier and relieved from poverty level farming for sustenance then the population will go down.

Population reduction is a must. It must be done if we are to survive as planet. The whole matter of the issue is how this population reduction is brought about.
It must be done ethically, though education and voluntary birth control and more sutainable agraculture that requires less children to work the farms for family survival.

Remember, Illness and death always creates more poverty. Smaller families that are healthy are the result of education and healthcare.

Not all vaccination is bad, in my opinion and it does not always lead to population reduction. For instance, the small pox vaccine eliminated one of the greatest population reducing diseases the planet has ever known. Populations have grown significanlty everywhere since small pox has been erradicated.
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I didn't hear Bill Gates volunteering to be one of the depopulated!
Doctors give drugs of which they know little,
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Bill Gates is talking about vaccination in third world countries and probably means convincing the ctizens that its a good thing to cut down having such large families and undergoing voluntary sterilization.

The only problem with his vaccine research is its led him into developing a nano technology vaccine that doesnt need injecting but can be sprayed on the body and be absorbed by body sweat or in hair follicles.

This means it could be given covertly without people knowing and once this technology is out in the open there is nothing to stop governments using it to reduce populations clandestinely.

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