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Default Foot Problems

Had a problem with the arch of my left foot and self-diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. I've been able to make it feel much better with minimal massage with magnesium oil, stretching and better shoes/sneakers.

Now, in the arch area of my right foot, I have had a lump for several months. It only becomes painful when irritated by rubbing of the shoes (on my feet all day at work). I'm thinking it's a cyst, but I don't like to go to doctors, and wouldn't consider any surgery for removal.

Anyone had this, and made it go away with natural remedies? It's funny, because I switch between two pairs of shoes, one make my PF feel better, and the other makes by "cyst" feel better!
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I've had plantar fastitis for over a year now. At first it was real bad. I had my foot taped by a foot doctor for weeks, which cured my husbands fastitis when he had it but not mine. Gentle exercise in the morning worked the best and continued taping long after I was tired of going to the doctor. Its still there a little bit and I have found that Serrapeptase really helps, but has not cured it either.

For the cyst, search this forum for Iodine articles. There you will learn how to get rid of cysts with iodine, DMSO, and MMS, all applied topically. Can't remember if I put my cyst stories under iodine testimonials. If I didn't look for them over the next day or so and I will.
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Thanks Arrowwind09, I'll search the forum for your posts. I've not bought any iodine as of yet, but I really need to get some. I'm new to iodine therapy, and the fact that it can be applied topically makes it more appealing to a newbie
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