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Old 05-26-2009, 10:43 AM
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Default Glaxo, Rumsfeld, the FDA, and Dan Brown

this article is quite revealing and puts our desperate national health situation in perspective and to cause. It shows just how things work behind the scenes. The one part they did not mention was Rumsfeld's connection to aspartame being removed from the most toxic substances list to make its way into kitchens across America. I think he had stock in that company also.

Glaxo, Rumsfeld, the FDA, and Dan Brown: Alternative Health Newsletter
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Old 05-26-2009, 06:51 PM
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Don’t know if Rumsfeld had stock in Searle, I would assume that he did seeing as how he worked for the company!

I also worked for Searle back then, they had bought the company that I was working for “Nuclear Chicago” when they wanted to expand, and our nuclear medical division was what they were looking for. We were even treated to a walk through visit by Rumsfeld.

I worked in engineering but also knew people who work in accounting and they were able to determine the pricing break out on the birth control pills that made Searle famous. At the time most found it hard to believe, but it went like this, for every dollar spent on the pills 1 ½ cents went into the making the pretty box that they came in, ½ a cent was for the actual pills and the remaining 98 cents was profit!

After a few years they sold our division, apparently our three to four times mark up on our instruments was not an adequate return for their investment.
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