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Default Red Bull & health

Hello, I'm trying to solve an old problem of mine - it's a little complicated though.

(well, I'm not sure if this is about natural medicine but I presume you may help me anyway.... I've been quite desperate about my issue lately, especially because of its aftermath)

In 2007 I started drinking RedBulls (I became a university student too) but my consumption of that substance increased within a mere year so that in spring 2008 I was at 4-5 (sometimes 6) cans DAILY, sometimes with a Semtex or some other brand instead.

Moreover, I drank litres upon litres of Coke and later I started to drink coffee because Red Bull gave me no high anymore. Gradually I overdid this as well and I was able drink 6 large cups of strong coffee daily on top of it all. I think I doesn't have to mention the fact that I could not sleep AT ALL and was given Valium for that. I experienced terrible bouts of anxiety which forced me to seek professional help.

So far I have found out that I suffered tetania, hypokalemia, hypomagnesia and hypocalcemia, tachycardia and several mental problems as a result of that, plus awful stomach aches and all sort of digestive problems (but nothing could stop me, I was hooked, unfortunately). At the time, I was taking SSRIs as well and I don't know whether or not it was caused by drinking that stuff, but I was suicidal so that they decided to stop the cure. Perhaps that was why I paid no attention to my physical problems I also suffered a great deal during my monthlies, especially BEFORE them.

I was also stupid enough to continue doing sport at almost professional level (bicycle). I had to abandon it altogether due to extreme fatigue.

But being given to atopic dermatitis ever since I was born, my skin problems worsened terribly - I couldn't even wash or do anything with it, I couldn't stand water, sun, nor mere touch. It flaked, was inflamed, itchy, red, hypersensitive, swollen, awful to look at as it was located mainly on my face. Finally I broke down in December 2008 and was rushed to a hospital where they found nothing wrong with me, only a quickened heartbeat which they thought was due to my fright of hospitals. However...

I stopped drinking Red Bulls, Coke, and finally gave up coffee as well in January/February this year (had a cold turkey and severe depressions & had to start taking another antidepressants; I had been really addicted), and after a few months everything levelled out. My skin improved and my condition as a whole, too, even though sometimes I felt uncertain about things and afraid that it might come back. I'm not going to touch them silver-blue cans ANYMORE, the same goes for anything containing caffeine.

Now I'm clean and glad for it but I have to solve this for good because I have suffered quite a serious psychological damage because of the social effect of the skin problem and because of my recurrent severe depressions... My resolution to get healthy has probably became a little bit obsessive and now it's difficult for me to introduce any change in my diet for fear of having all these problems all over again. It's understandable though, because at that time I hadn't got a clue what was the cause of all that bother. I just thought it might be food allergy which I've had on and off since I was 14.

Now... I would like to know if any of you has had similar experience. Is it possible that my skin problems worsened because of that? Can you tell me what to expect? How long does it take to recover? I did a bit of research and read that it might take YEARS before everything gets to normal... and it's been just months, well nearly a year actually if I'm optimistic enough. Now that I think of what I'd been through, I'm just frankly scared.

I appreciate every bit of advice and experience... thanks

Nobody actually believed or acknowledged that there might be something the matter with me and even though I saw a few doctors, nobody really found anything. Now as I look back on it, I feel terribly scared.
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You have just gotten off a very wild roller coaster ride, one that you are now realize you probably didn't what to be on in the first place, to still fell a bit woozy is normal.

The important thing is you now know where you have been and how you got there thus you now know what to avoid.

Breaking old habits is not easy but it is not imposable if that is your goal.

I'm sure some here will be able to recommend a more sensible diet.
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Sounds very much like adrenal fatigue. You've screwed them up; but don't worry. It also sounds like you are doing the right thing to avoid caffeine. And eliminate sugar as much as possible. No need to change your diet so drastically. It should not take long to recover. Even the food allergies sound like adrenal fatigue. The adrenals manage cortisol and epinephrine which manage allergies. This is most likely why you get fatigued so quickly - the adrenals.

A few things will help, if it really is adrenals. Yucca root powder and licorice root powder. Ashwaganda would be good if this is complicated with thyroid problems. The adrenals need vitamin C and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Actually you probably need to get a vitamin B complex supplement. My favorite is bee pollen; because it is a good source of pantothenic acid. Rice bran and nutritional yeast are also good sources. I get my herbal powders from mountainroseherbs.com. I like them; because they have such good information and quality herbs. I understand there are a few other vendors that people like; so just Google for yucca powder and licorice powder. It would be good to mix 1/4 teaspoon of each and take about 20 minutes before meals.

Kelp is another good supplement. It is good for the whole endocrine system.

The licorice will kill viruses and bacteria; so don't take it too closely with any probiotic which you may be taking. I also raises interferon and is a steroidal anti-inflammatory. It will help other herbs to absorb too. So, you can see that this is an important herb when dealing with some of your problems.

I hope this is a good start for you to investigate. Avoid sugar and caffeine for a while - until you build up your adrenals. Actually it's good to avoid them anyway. That does not mean to substitute sugar with the commercial sugar substitutes. Aspartame is a very bad toxin and can be found in most "diet" drinks. High fructose corn syrup is another hidden danger. It tricks the adrenals. I understand that Pepsi and Coca Cola will be introducing drinks that will have a sweetener designed from stevia. Stevia is so safe that diabetics can use it with no problem. Check into diabetic diets for the best diet for everyone.

Good luck.
- Jim
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