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Default Are Air Fresheners Addictive?

Anyone know if Air Fresheners are addicitve? I've been wondering because of the way people seem to use them more than they ever have. An article I read said that "Plug-in, spray or stand-alone liquid and gel air fresheners are used in nearly 75% of U.S. households, and their market has doubled since 2003."

The only thing I could find was a general statement that:

"Evidence show that fragrances, including those from air fresheners and laundry detergents, have an "addictive" quality. This may be why some people love the scents emitted from synthetic fragrance air fresheners."

I believe some of the chemicals in food are addictive, why not fragrance chemicals.
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Thumbs down Air Fresheners

Originally Posted by u&iraok View Post
Anyone know if Air Fresheners are addicitve?
I believe some of the chemicals in food are addictive, why not fragrance chemicals.
I don't think they're physically addictive, but a lot of people have been lured by their advertisements. Some want a different scent in every room. I think it's just like some women love to use perfumes all the time, in search for the perfect fragrance.

I won't use them in my home, because there are a lot of toxic ingredients in them, and instead of freshening the air, they're actually polluting it. I won't breath those chemicals into my lungs.

There's more natural ways to scent a house, like with essential oils such as Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose or Lemon. One can sprinkle the carpet with baking soda, place a tissue with some lemon oil in their vacuum bag, and have a lightly scented room, of course opening the windows, and a good cleaning works too.

There's people that get headaches from those things, and I've heard they can also cause cancer if used often enough. I have two dogs who share my home and furniture with me, and you'll never catch me with a bottle of Febreeze in my hand, it's not even good for the pets.
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Lightbulb Air Fresheners?

You can also simmer some used lemons or limes in a pot of water on your
stove to help make your home smell better. Simmering Cinnamon sticks
works well too.
I don't use commercial air fresheners either as I think they contain toxic
chemicals in them.
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I dislike the small of air fresheners. I find that burning some sweet grass leaves a really nice lingering smell, and it blends well with my house since it is all cedar.
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