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Default El Salvador Vacation in 9 days

Just for 5.5 days. I have heard of people getting sick there from the food and water though, the water will be easy. Bottled water, However, I am planning to take some Dr Ohiras probiotics with me and also take them for a couple days before going. Will this help in your opinions and experience?
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I would think that most of the food is cooked and should not be a problem. It is too bad that you can't take iodine. Or maybe you can take some; but would not be able to bring it back. It is a controlled substance in the USA as it is used in the production of meth. Activated charcoal might be worth taking. Remember to only take it temporarily for toxins (which include bad bacteria); because it also absorbs vitamins and minerals.

Actually, you should just have a wonderful time in such a beautiful country; especially up the volcano. They are civilized down there. Their pharmacies could help you, should anything happen.
- Jim
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You should be able to take one ounce of iodine but fill the bottle only 25% in case they confiscate it. Cipro is the drug of choice for diarrhea. But I would use the lugol's iodine first. Maybe you can purchase it down there. It might be called potassium iodide.
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I know in mexico and costa rica you can get tons of things over the counter. Cipro without prescription as well as many other drugs. Some will even sell you valiums at an inflated price
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Same here.. In Mexico the pharmacies are well marked for the tourists. Don't expect deals but you can get what you want while you are there.
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I am teaching a class, running home to check on the folks and am out of here. I will bring updates on any traditional medicine I see.
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