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Default Well it's not allergy season yet I still have allergies

I have had this problem for 3 months now. I am find during day hours unless I lay down for a short period of time. When I do that or anytime at night or morning my nose is not only filled with mucus but my right nostril is swollen inside somewhere and when I try to breath into it it closes up completely. When breathing out it is fine. I went to an expensive well known doctor in my area and she said I had allergies and gave me some drugs to deal with the symptoms until allergy season was over. Well guess what, it has been over for a while and I am still having the same problem! Thanks doc! I don't know what I should do at this point I am so lost and I just want to treat the cause not the symptoms. I know how to treat the symptoms but I want to get rid of what is causing it. I hope I have posted at a place where I can get some answers.

Thank you for your time.
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It would be good for you to choose another user name.

Your symptoms are exactly like mine, but it is my left nostril that is affected. And I can remember these symptoms since I was a teenager more than 40 years ago. I went to an ENT 2 weeks ago. She thinks I have vasomotor rhinitis. Look that up. You'll see that you have the same. Anyway she gave me Atrovent nasal spray. That's the stuff that asthmatics use for their lungs. Totally worthless. I'll see her again soon.

Once upon a time, someone said that when these kind of problems occur at night, it is due to mold or fungus.

Mine always occur about an hour after dinner and last until morning, giving me only a few hours sleep. This has gone on for a lifetime. That's why I finally gave in and went to an ENT.

Good luck. Let us know what you discover. But do Google vasomotor rhinitis. I kind of means that you are not allergic to anything, but pollen, mold, dry air, and many other things irritate and can cause inflammation to your sinus membranes. Sounds like allergy to me. We'll see.
- Jim
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You might also be allergic to dust mites found in linnen and mattresses. Find a doctor who specializes in environmental medicine
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