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Exclamation Please Help! (spleen growth)

After having a very sharp right abdominal pain that lasted about 15-minutes the doctor did a full abdominal ultrasound. As a result of the ultrasound a 6.5cm growth was found on my spleen back in April of 2010, which was an incidental finding. A MRI was done and growth did not appear to be a tumor at the time. However, the cyst (what they are calling it) is not a simple cyst but consists of three bubbles.

A follow-up ultrasound was done in August and growth then measured 7.5, but was in the measure of error. I just had another ultrasound and now it is measuring 9.6 cm.

My primary care has never see this before with a "cyst" growing so rapidly on the spleen so he referred me to a surgeon. I am worried now it is cancer being a single mom to a 8-year-old daughter.

I kind of want to go the holistic route, but know it needs to get biopsied first because do not want to play with a malignant growth on the slim chance it is. However, know biposy's on spleen have a high bleed out rate so could require immediate removal of my spleen

I need help and advice before seeing the surgeon on Tuesday. I don't want my spleen out. I am such a healthy person and don't even believe in the flu shot.

I can barely find any info on web as spleen growths or any primary growth on speen is rare.

Thanks for any help.
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A spleen is not required to maintain good health so ease your mind with that.
If you feel that you would be inclined to remove a cancer if that is what it is, you should have the biopsy done with instruction to remove it right away.

If you want to do alternative treatments for cancer, which is sounds like you do not, please be aware that many think that biopsies spread the cancer.

If it is a cyst, there are some effective cyst treatments in the alternative realm but I cannot say that they will work for a cyst on a spleen, as I have not heard of it.
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I don't believe in flu shots either, however, this could be life threatening.

If I were you, I would get a second opinion. And as far as surgery goes, I think surgery is the only decent cancer treatment mainstream medicine has, since radiation and chemo both cause cancer..
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