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Default What could this be?

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can give me some advice on this.

This morning I was having a strange dream where I was having extremely hard heart palpitation and an extremely fast heart rate (it felt more like a "buzz" and was hard to distinguish individual beats). Anyway, it woke me up and my heart was racing (don't know how fast, over 110), and I had a strange feeling in my chest and throat. The feeling is not new to me and have had it many times, and it almost always only shows up when I lie down.

The feeling is almost like it is coming from my lungs (it's like mucus trapped in my lungs), but it causes missed heart beats to occur and it also causes tachycardia, or at least causes an noticeably increased rate. It's so hard to describe it, and when I take a deep breath in I can feel also feel that it is not quite normal, as if my throat is closing over. There is no wheazing, though, so I don't think it is my lungs. I don't know whether the feeling is my heart, lungs or esophagus, but I do know it affects my heart and not just because of anxiety. My heart rate is still going 100-110 and it's 2 PM now.

I don't know what to do now. I get skipped heart beats a lot and my GP isn't worried about them. He never even wanted to do an ECG or any blood tests and just said those are normal. I've had a lot of ECGs done over 2009, had a chest x-ray and also have had blood tests and doctors keep telling me it isn't my heart.

But I know something isn't right. My heart rate is ALWAYS high, 90+ and sometimes up to 120. I do get a lot of anxiety but I think whatever is causing my heart rate to go up is also causing the anxiety. Adrenaline or something. Or could it be a heart problem?

Has anyone had similar symptoms before? I hope someone can relate.

I am only 21; male, don't drink or smoke, don't know my cholesterol and pretty sure I am not diabetic. Blood pressure is always on the low end or normal and I'm slighly anemic (hemoblogin is 12) because I have Crohn's disease.

The anemia is one reason for an increased rate, but I don't think it is enough to cause it to go to 120, because sometimes it goes down in to the 80s and even slower when I'm asleep.

Thanks for reading .
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I would never want to make recommendations regarding irregular heart functions. OK. That is my disclaimer.

Now, if it were me....

Heart arrhythmias can be helped with the use of magnesium; especially if you are deficient (which most people are).

Magnesium works like a calcium channel blocker, which dilates blood vessels increasing blood flow to the heart.

Calcium restricts the vessels. We all very much need calcium; but it might not be processed very well and your dietary choices my lean too heavily on calcium. One think I feel is necessary is to take magnesium and calcium at different times per day; since magnesium acts to block calcium.

I'd use 300mg of magnesium 2 to 3 times a day and see if that helps. Acidified forms of magnesium (mag malate, mag citrate) have much less of a laxative effect than the oxide and carbonate.
- Jim
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Hmmm. It could be a reaction to caffeine or low potassium or magnesium. It could be an actual heart defect in the conduction system of the heart. As much as I hate to give allopathic advice, I would at least go get a quick check (blood electrolytes and EKG). You can cut down on caffeine and increase your fruit and vegetable intake, but if it happens again, definietly get checked out.
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