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Default Colonic Diet

A woman goes into her Doctors.

The Doctor asks her what's the matter?

She tells him she has had great difficulty eating, and cannot eat without strong pain.

The Doctor examines her, and tells her she has a swelling in her throat, but that she mustn't worry, as a 2 week course of Pills will get rid of it.

He does advise her though that for the two weeks, she will need to eat through her Rectum.

She is worried this will not be possible, but he assures her she could do that, and that she must come back after a week, to discuss how her situation is progressing.

She comes back a week later, and the Doctor likes the reduced swelling, and asks how her eating has been.

She says it was a bit tricky at first, but soon became easier, and now she was eating Salads, Steaks, Eggs, Nuts, anything she liked basically with little issue.

The Doctor is pleased on both counts, and says hopefully next week she'll be back, and given the all clear to eat normally again.

As she gets up to leave his office, he notices she's walking a bit like John Wayne.

He asks are you alright, only you appear to be walking strangely.

Yes she replies, I'm just chewing a Toffee.
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