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I have completed my first 2 weeks induction. I have lost 9lbs, 3 inches off my bum, 2 off my hips and 2 off my stomach.
I'm 5 ft 4 and my starting weight was 11 stone. My target is 9 stone.

In the first 2 weeks I followed the diet to the letter. I did no exercise. I want to stay on the induction for another 2 weeks, or untill I'm 9 stone 10. I will be running everyday so hope to loose quite a bit. I didn't find the induction as bad as I thought, and i'd like to stay on it longer to ensure i really have the principles embedded in my head! Is this ok to do?

Also, I am allergic to nuts, anyone got any ideas for snacks for when im out of induction. I assume dried fruit is a no?

Many thanks,
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well done on your weight loss thats fab news - you must be over the moon
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It is perfectly all right to stay on Induction for up to 6 months. However, I would encourage you to try the next phase, Ongoing Weight Loss. It wil allow you to incorporate more types of food into your diet (berries, a greater selection of vegetables etc) and avoid boredom.

If you are concerned about the carb count, you can stay at 20 carbs in OWL as well. But you will be free from the Acceptable Foods list, so to say.

Also, transitioning to OWL will make it easier and smoother to transition into further stages, incorporate more foods and eventually go into Maintenance. It raelly has to be done slowly and gradually, "by the book".

As for snacks, you are right, dried fruit is a massive no-no (LOTS of sugar!). You can snack on vegtetables - celery, radishes, daikon, also on cheese cubes or flax crackers/muffins, sugarfree jello (jelly?), cold cuts of meat, salami slices, ham-and-cream cheese roll-ups, lots and lots of stuff.

Congratulations on your success!
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