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Picture 2 and a half weeks after surgury
Still trying to get rid of the swelling... Arnica oil has taken down a tremendous amount of swelling, but yesterday, I decided to take pictures of before the arnica, and right after he woke up from nap... His hand was hurting at this point, and then about a half hour after I put the arnica oil on him.... I cant see a difference in the pictures, but we did see a difference in the days before, because of the way the fixator touched the skin before we started using the oil... Tell me what you think, do you see a difference.... I was hoping I could take the same pictures, but it doesnt work that way with two year olds! If i did this right now, the first row will be before pics and second row is after pics
10 05-01-2010 05:32 PM
Picture surgury April 12 2010
This is the first of many surguries... they placed an external fixator on his right arm and hand... this fixator has some little screws that we have to turn four times a day to start adjusting the hand to move to the top of the wrist, this procedure is stretching the tendons and muscles, preparing the arm to have a rod placed inside the arm... this fixator will stay on appr. 6 weeks . He will then go back into surgury to have that taken off and a rod put into the arm.. the rod will hold the wrist in place and will stay there for almost a year, and then once removed, the wrist supposedly will stay on top of the arm. and supposedly he will have full use of his hands and will be able to bend his wrist... after right arm is done, they will start on the second arm.... Everyone seemed to agree, that doing one arm at a time on a two year old was the best way to go, including nurses and hospital staff
10 04-16-2010 12:42 PM
Picture my grandson aug 09
3 04-10-2010 05:05 PM