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    This article talks about the cell surface sugars that we take. Of course instead of taking natural, they are trying to come up with drugs so they can charge an arm and leg.
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    Could anyone explain the why?

    Local doctor sends my daughter to a endocrinologist because he found out she has been off her synthyroid for a couple of weeks since another thyroid doctor said she was getting too much thyroid meds. Anyway, her test showed her levels were 2.7 and the safe range was from 1-3. Instead of the...
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    Why are all these people going gluten free?

    I have not figured this out yet. Is it because of the GMO? Why wouldn't they just buy non-gmo?
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    Need some help with words

    I am trying to understand this conclusions statement but having trouble looking up the word vitro and vivo in order to understand. Maybe someone can help. Here is the statement: Conclusions: The reaction of dopamine and hypochlorous acid is facile and results in products that are cytotoxic...
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Haven't posted for a while but will give update on daughter. The thyroid doctor says she is getting too much thyroid meds and so she stopped. Went in today for check up with regular doctor and he was upset and found an endocrinogist (thyroid specialist) in Wichita at the Galichia heart...
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    Did you see this label we should never buy

    This just came from Dr. Mercola
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    Earthquake 4.7

    An earthquake hit in the middle of the nation this morning that was felt all the way to Topeka with after shocks still coming. It is time to prepare for 30 days and put back water and food items and enough to help others as well if possible.
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    Electricity Conductivity

    Does anyone here understand electricity conductivity of water and how it benefits the body?
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    Glad I never gave up my bacon and eggs

    In my research to figure out how my daughter could absorb more calcium - I found this: Certainly I have had much going on over four months but dropping 2 dress sizes has been the benefit. I have cut...
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    Just found something (parathyroid removal, calcium absorption)

    This article is about people who have had parathyroid removed and I hope I am understanding that the body won't absorb calcium until it has enough Vitamin D. See if I am right here. Of course I would never buy a drug but the company that I buy everything from has a Omega 3 with Vitamin D3...
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    Found the name of pneumonia

    Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia or pcp. This was the pneumonia my daughter had in ICU. The symptoms were spitting up blood, fast heart rate, bluish discoloration of the skin, rattling sound in lungs, etc. They gave her the fungal antibiotic even though she tested negative for HIV and the lung...
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    Another way to tell if vitamins are synthetic

    One test was baking at 350 degree for 10-15 min and black tar comes out throw away - and one is look at the label: If it says vitamin b2 riboflavin vitamin c ascorbic acid vitamin d calciferol vitamin e dl-alpha tocopherol vitamin k menadione or phytonadione pantothenic...
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    Stupid and mad science

    Pharma has to have CBS in their pocket with this type of news: Alzheimer’s Contagious Study May Be Mad Science - Smart Sugars Lesson #36 The NEWS media has scared people with contagious report. by JC Spencer On October 4, 2011, CBS and other...
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    Is America becoming malnourished and why? Dr. Bob Tuber, botany and plant pathology of Purdue University says after 20 years of study of glyphosate Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, which is used extensively in genetically modified crops, findings show this herbicide reduces manganese in plants...
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    Fungal again

    Did you see this report about glyphosate and how it immobilizes plant nutrients so they are no longer functional? Then it weakens the plant, making it susceptible to soil borne fungal pathogens. Heres the link...