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Default How to take mms

Hi everyone
I have rosacea and someone has suggested that I take MMS. My partner is also taking it as a detox for himself as we both want to get fit and healthy. My bottle arrived and we started taking it yesterday. Just wanted to check we were doing right as I was expecting some nausea and didn't have any.

We took: -
2 drops of MMS
10 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice
waited 3 minutes
then added 1/3 glass of apple juice (no added vit c etc)

just checking this is the right way to do it
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Yes this is spot on mate. Been told liquidated pineapple can disguise the taste the best.
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Thats exactly how it is done. Increase by one drop a day. If you start to get nausea back off and go back to the last lower dosage and hang out there for a while before trying to increase again. Many people get sufficient benefits without ever getting up to 15 drops two times a day. I've used mostly apple juice, but grape is OK too if has no vitamin c added.
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