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Default new to mms / bad bad headaches from day 2

i would greatly like to know if anyone has experienced bad headaches after taking mms , like sinus pains, its like when i had bad acid reflux i used to get these bad sinus headaches
let me introduce my aliment,
i have been pregnant 4 times in 5 years , two misscarriages and two full term (also had gestational diabetes and 2 c sections)

i have underactive thyroid and suffer from terrible acid reflux, i also have had a bad bout of food poisoning last year which gave me bad diorreah , i was given antibiotics for a flu , which made my diorreah worse , and been told i have chron's
i am desperately trying to find something that will help me
i am on day 3 of the mms but the headaches are bad and feeling like i want to forget it you know..
will these headaches pass?
thank you for your help and advice
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Back off on it. It is not unusual to have a rather severe reaction the first time you use it.

I have Crohn's and use it to keep it under control. Just use less or stop for a day or two. Sometimes your body needs time to get rid of what it is killing. Some anti-inflammatory supplements may help the head ache.

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Hi Janar,

You need to go slowly with mms expecially if you are very toxic and your pregnancy history tells me that you are.

I do think you can heal yourself. You will need time.

First go to the top of this forum and read the stickies on how to use mms. Make sure you know the new easier to take process.

Since you are hypothyroid you also need to learn about iodine supplementation. Do a search on this forum for iodine and read read read.

Do put off trying to have children until you are detoxed. You will have healthier children if you do.

I suspect that the mms will help the reflux disease. Much of that issue is caused by microbes in the gut making a disturbance. Meanwhile stay away from wheat products and sugar and any other food that you know sets you off.
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Default thnks and update..

thank you very much for your words of wisdom!
i backed off the mms and started taking vit c for the next few weeks , i worked my way up to 4gms of vit c . now i am back on mms for the last 5 days and worked myself up to 5 drop, but all day i was feeling icky sick feeling and had diorreah in the afternoon , i have just taken my evening 5 drops , but tommorow i will go down to 4 drop ( cos of sick feeling)
but one thing i have to say about the headaches i was getting and if someone is also having this problem , there is a way round this and its to hold ur nose when drinking the mixture and try and not inhale the smell , i hold my breath , since i have been doing this i have not experienced major bad headaches .
since the last two days i have had more energy, i went to the park with my two boys yesterday and we were there nearly all day playing and having fun and i wasnt tired one bit, this is something i couldnt do before,i used to be tired all day
i am hopeful i will get better and i will keep you updated
all my prayers to you all!
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