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Jaundice Baby


Jaundice is a liver disorder which leads to the accumulation of yellow pigment in the whites of the eyes (sclerae), skin and urine. The presence of these pigments are caused by a byproduct of worn-out red blood cells called bilirubin. When the liver system is not functioning properly, excessive amounts of these waste cells cannot be released, and symptoms appear. Discoloration may vary from yellow to brown in more serious cases. Neonatal Jaundice occurs within the first few days after birth in newborn infants.


When the liver is overloaded or damaged, there's too many red blood cells for it to handle, or the bile is unable to move through the biliary tract to the gut, symptoms of this condition will begin to show.

Jaundice may indicate blood, kidney or liver disorders. Women who have a history of Jaundice should not use birth control pills, as the liver is responsible for breaking down estrogen and eliminating it from the body. Birth control medication will most likely cause a recurrence of this condition.


Some nutrients that may be beneficial in the treatment of Jaundice are as follows:


A few of the herbs that are useful in the treatment of Jaundice are:

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