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Originally Posted by jklace View Post
I am taking mms1 since June21,2010, going from 1 drop up to 10, up and down, and am now doing 2 and 3 drops, 4 and 5 times a day. Hoping to disable the herpes zoster virus. Yesterday, all day, had a very bad pain in my shoulder nerve that is the most affected by phn. Its calmed down today.

I am fighting shingles[herpes zoster], and have been to many Drs. PCPs, Neurologists, Dermatologists, Naturopaths. I was in a shingles study at a research center [2005] testing a patch that helps with PHN [post hepatic neuralgia]. The patch was very hot [cayenne] and helped stop some of the pain for awhile.
I commend you on taking steps to treat yourself, rather than continued suffering... you've come to the right place... you'll find much good advice here for your health issues.

The "singles" problem tells me that your body is in an Acidic Ph level of functioning.. as the pain in your shoulder's all are attributed to this same lack of Alkaline in your body...
Wheatgrass is one of the very highest Alkaline sources that you can find, as well as a blood purifier and bowl & colon cleanser.
You can find the wheatgrass tablets on the internet, simply take 10 of the little green tablets 3 times a day for 6 weeks and you'll be 100% free of any dermatology type problems period.. I've never seen it fail yet...

Another thing that you can do to take your shoulder pains and joint pains away in as little as a few days, is to mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with one teaspoon of virgin olive oil in a warm cup of water, sweeten with a touch of honey if you want, and drink this 3 times a day... this also helps greatly to bring your Ph levels up in the 6.0+ range.. Add Black strap molasses daily and you'll be around the 7.0+ range.
You might consider looking up the web pages on "Ph levels of Foods" ..print a chart out and it'll help you with your shopping for health concerns too..

The MMS will help you, which I'm sure you have already noticed, and much good advice on here about that...
Another thing that you can do with MMS, is to put 3 or 4 drops of un-activated MMS into a quart of filtered water, for drinking etc. ..This will boost the Ph alkaline to around the 7 to 8 level.
Watermelon is a great source for alkaline food source...:-}
Good luck and God bless!

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Cool my first dose of MMS

Let me tell of my first 2 days taking MMS. (btw- this is my first post ever on this forum)

As I researched MMS prior to purchasing- I browsed this forum and felt this was the best 'family' to take this journey with (especially knowing 'arrowwind09' is watching, hehe)

Anyway- back to business.

I began with 1 drop and increased by 2 drops per hour the first day. I woke up around 630am for my first dose and took a few doses before work. [Open floor layout at work, no cubicles so the MMS 'aroma' would raise questions]

I got home late last night but squeezed in two more doses. I made it up to 12 drops by bedtime with no signs of big D or nausea so I told myself that in the morning (before work) I will jump to 15 drops (15mms + 15 citric 1:1 + water).

I always hold my breath when i drink supplements but MMS is too potent. OMG!!!
[My intent is to describe my experience and not to scare nor discourage anyone.]

I didn't want to mess the doses up by adding juice and later discovering that it has vitaminC so I've only used water.

After this morning's dose_ I am running to get limes to use fresh juice instead, lol.

I'm at work and bigD hit me about 4 times so far. Everytime I went I think I smelled the MMS again. UGH!

It's now 4:07pm and I'm at my desk feeling fine. No sickness, No bathroom urges.

For Lunch, I had some of the smoothie I blended at home: 2 handfuls of Kale / fresh mango / strawberries / banana / brown flax & chia seeds (presoaked)/ sprinkled with Dulse & SeaSalt

I was hesitant to eat yesterday fearing that I will ingest vitaminC and deactivate the MMS dose.

So I try to hold off eating in the morning for as long as I can and hours later I'll eat and take my SpiruLLina & ChloreLLa tabs.

I also have GrapeFruit Seed Extract
which I've been taking for the past month with good results. I was taking 5 drops 3x's a day until yesterday when i began MMS.

I want to continue GSE to tag-team what I think is Candida but I assume it has vitaminC so I will reduce my dose to once a day at work until I can get home to my MMS.

I know this post is long as it is but let me tell you why I bought MMS:

I was NOT going to post so that I wouldnt get asked what my symptoms are as I find them embarrasing. I'm 30 years young. Athletic. I'm a 'healthy' strapping young lad that shouldn't have skin problems. I admit- the past 10years ive been wreckless drinking alcohol weekly, smoking cannibus, eating whenever (never big on sweets/candies, but i could not resist a bowl of frosted shredded wheat with cold MILK daily)

2 years ago I decided to start eating less meat and making smoothies thinking I can 'fix' my skin w/o prescriptions and Doctors etc. I still eat meat but look for free-range chicken and non-steroid beef. Ive also switched to Almond & Coconut milk for my smoothies. (no more cereal for me either)

I got a full body physical earlier this year including blood work hoping a 'professional' would point out that I have candida or at least the symptoms. I got a clean bill of health.
Although my symptoms arent as severe as those I've read about in these threads- mine have been deteriorating my self-confidence over the years.

For years I've been dealing with nodules on my scalp. Some I can squeeze a bit of 'white stuff' out of and some are hard and under the skin. [I dont call it 'pus' because i've had pimples and infections in the past so i remember pus as liquidy and yellowish.]
The stuff in these 'nodules' is white and 'massy'. Anyhow- they come and go, many times, in the same spots accompanied by dry spots that flake off.

Then- a few months ago- I got a damn BALD SPOT on my neck the size of a half-dollar just below my jawline (very obvious). 'No biggie, just shave' you say? Yeh, well, everytime I do that its irritation central. Besides- WHY do I have a random BALD spot on my neck? WTF?!

Further insult to injury- my testicles ( )
YES- another WTF?!
For years, I've had a few nodules come and go in that area. One in particular hasnt gone anywhere instead it got bigger over the years. Nothing happens with this one, its just 'dense' and seems to have extra thick skin that I can't squeeze anything out. My ignorance had me wiping all kinds of astringents hoping to rid my boys of these.

Aside from the nodules, I have a half-dollar sized patch of very dry, flaking skin on my boys as well. This I've had FOREVER. I've even rubbed coconut oil daily on it hoping to soften the skin. Hopeless.

My fiance pleaded me not to take that 'water purification' stuff but she has NO IDEA what this has done to me over the years. I dont care what she says.... I'm taking MMS.

PS: I soaked in lukewarm water with a 10drop dose of MMS yesterday for 18min. I will try this again tomorrow. (sidenote: my tub looks super clean, hehe)

I will post where I got that soaking 'protocol' ,which btw- was supposed to be for 20min.

Thank you for listening/reading.
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Originally Posted by brindis View Post
Let me tell of my first 2 days taking MMS. (btw- this is my first post ever on this forum)

As I researched MMS prior to purchasing- I browsed this forum and felt this was the best 'family' to take this journey with (especially knowing 'arrowwind09' is watching, hehe)
Good post my friend!

If you are still drinking milk, that is the reason you are still getting the weird boils.
Stop drinking it, take the mms to clean your blood and your skin should clear up very quickly...2 weeks I would say.
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thanks asgardsurfer... so you're saying that I should stop almond and coconut milk too!?
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Starting around the 6 years old, I had multiple strep outbreaks (also measles, mumps and chicken pox thanks to a careless health dept worker) and by the age of 16 had become allergic to penicillin. Of course, by then I was also suffering kidney infections and between the two illnesses (plus the occasional bronchitis) By 22 I was allergic to sulpha based drugs too.

By 25 I was taking allergy drugs for continuous sinus problems. At 35 my system started to rebel, I developed severe hives (lasted over two months) and became allergic to my allergy medicine. My doc treated me for over two months for bronchitis, when I really had developed a reaction to my prescription. By 40 I was developing all sorts of problems and was miserable and at the end of my rope.

I am so thankful that I opened my eyes and went natural. Four years later I am nearly allergy free (haven't took daily medicine for over three years!) and have not been treated for ONE case of strep or UTIs.

For my allergies, I used raw apple cider vinegar and a local honey (shake 2 tablespoons of each with 8 oz water - or more - cutting back on the honey or using xylitol to sweeten ). This cured my allergies by 99%, got rid of 100% of all heartburn, lowered my blood pressure by around 5 points both ways and gave me energy!

Then I discovered MMS, and even though I had gone nearly a year without a UTI (first time in adult life I went more than six months), I woke up with my back spasming and my temp over 100. I tried using colloidal silver that I make myself, but it wasn't working fast enough and by the end of the day I could barely stand up when I remembered I had bought the MMS on a whim at the health food store after reading Mr. Humble's book.

It knocked my infection gone within three doses and it was more than two years later before I ever felt as much as a twinge in my back. I cannot tell you the relief this is. Going from two or three infections a year, with over 30 days of antibiotics to a few drops and one smelly juice drink later. It also worked on strep beautifully.

My daughter is nearly six and has never had antibiotics at all. I nursed her for two full years which has some to do with that. But after starting kindergarten this year (which is a running, screaming petri dish of illnesses) she finally caught - or started to - strep throat. I swallowed any misgivings and gave her a three drop dose. She hates her "medicine juice" but by the second dose the illness was dying and her immune system kicked in.

Didn't mean to be so lengthy, but I am a firm believer in Jim Humble and MMS1. I found this place searching on MMS2 which I somehow missed two years ago.

Wish you all good health!
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I don't recall where I read that milk is perfect for drinking MMS but I must admit that it is!!! I've been using a half cup of unsweetened ALMOND milk with 15:15 drops of MMS:Citric...
I took my first few doses of MMS with freshly squeezed lime juice which I found to be horrendous.
I remembered reading that post about taking MMS with milk to hide the smell and taste. I gave it a try and IT WORKS!!

BTW- Almond milk has 0% vitamin C and it seems to be thick enough to mask the smell and taste.

Since I blend Spirulina and Chlorella and fruits (which have vitaminC) in my morning smoothie before I go to work- I only take one 15drop dose of MMS per night.

This stuff WORKS even with just one dose per day!

Irritated skin patches on my scalp are just FLAKING OFF... its amazing!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU Dr. Humble!

Last edited by brindis; 04-26-2011 at 05:10 AM. Reason: added more text
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2 years ago my wife had a cancer mass in her Sigmoid colon that required emergency surgery. It was a Stage 3 colon cancer - many of her lymph nodes were also affected. Her oncologist discussed ongoing treatment - radiation and chemical. Since my wife has Multiple Sclerosis, neither of those seemed like a good idea, and her doctor agreed: The 'cure' was probably worse than the disease.

So she turned to MMS and also to Budwig Protocol. Between the two of these, all traces of cancer were eliminated. 2 years later and her 'CEA' count is totally normal. CEA is a way of measuring the presence of certain types of cancer. Its a simple blood test. Her CEA level is at 2. Doctors don't get excited until the CEA score approaches 100!

I am very healthy, but when we got our MMS, I decided to see how it affected me. I quickly dosed up to 15 drops, and never had any kind of reaction at all. So I was satisfied that MMS itself does not cause poisonous reactions -- bad reactions are caused by the elimination of bacteria/mold/virus "kill-off" accomplished (yay!) by the MMS.

I have used MMS when I was sick, and I did have reactions to much lower doses (because I was already sick and the MMS was helping to quickly eliminate the offending germs!)

One time I tried the low dosage every 2 hours method. To me, a low dosage was 6 drops. I was sick with something or another at the time. MMS worked fine for me until about the 4th dose, when I got a strong Herxheimer reaction, so I backed off.

I occasionally still take a small dose of MMS, just because.

I also have obtained the materials for making MMS2. I have taken it on occasion, mostly "just to see." Perhaps my pills are packed with too much powder - they might be too much per dose. My reaction to MMS2 has not been bad, just unpleasant burping. No other bad effects from it at all.

When my wife was in the hospital with her colon cancer, I was sitting in the waiting room, which was filled with all kinds of sickly people. I don't know if it was the chair I sat in, but something gave me a very nasty infection in my anus right after that. It was very very painful and had a horrific stench. Prep H did nothing at all. I finally made up an enema with MMS, but I didn't want to experience citric acid on tender tissues, so I added 1/2 tsp of baking soda to it just before using it. It gave instant relief, and then about 1/2 hour later I felt some 'rumblings' and a couple of sharp pains up higher. Then I eliminated a large amount of nasty looking mucus stuff - definitely sickly stuff. My symptoms were relieved by a huge factor. The next day I tried it again with similar results, and after that the problem was completely gone.

I am worried about the feds shutting down the availability of MMS, so I am loaded up on a supply that I can store for future use. Unfortunately, I strongly believe we will need it in the future!

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Default my reponse to mms

hello everyone, my 1st post on this forum.

me, 49 year old male with hep c, high blood pressure, with pain in lower right quadrant four fingers to the right looking down my navel for the last 5 years.

have had one failed soc treatment of interferon/ribavirin lasting 72 weeks.

took my 1st dose of mms on 16/04/11 for the first day or two the side effects consisted of pain back of neck, like a real tight feeling. carried on increasing the dose by extra doses and more drops gradually up to yesterday where i had 3drops x 4

by mid afternoon i was feeling really strange, loosing touch with reality, bad case of brain fog, my pain in the side intensified to the point i made a decision to stop (for a while)

also i got red blotches around my eyes (had the same side effect from interferon) and i didnt look too good, so gonna have a break for a short while, been taking omeprezole in the hope of calming my side pain.
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candida, leaky gut syndrome

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