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I am not at all excited about taking antibiotics but
I am on day three now and wonder if stopping is a good idea...
Do you think it is wise to stop these and start with the GSE and Oregano Oil now?

Hello Viewfromhere, What you are experiencing with the the pain in lower GI track is quiet common with the progression of the HCV, but not to worry, go ahead and take the antibiotics that the doctor prescribed for you, the pain will increase if you don't...in the meanwhile, go to the below site and get you a bottle or two of the Long Dan Xie Gan San, it comes in the powder form, and it will take care of the problem that you're having without raising your RNA counts, actually, it will help to bring the viral load down.. You'll have to have a 00 size capsule making machine and the 00 sized empty capsules to put the herbal formula in, pack them tight to get your 500mg. capsules, take as directed on the bottle... Do this and you'll never have to take any more antibiotics period. It will simply do the job very well for you!


Also, for declining urination pressure, there is the Wu Ling San.
For bruises on hands/arms that do not clear up well, indicating poor liver circulation, there is the Xiao Chai Hu San, [but this is not to be taken if you are taking the Long Dan Xie Gan San.]
Please note that the above herbal formula's are potent antioxidants and are not to be taken with the MMS, due to conflicting actions, but ea. protocol works for the actions which they are intended.

Lastly, if I might suggest that you do a switch from the seeds that you are eating and go to the Apricot Seed Kernel powder, make into 00 size capsules too, and take one 3 times a day. Here is the link;


Wishing you much health and enjoyable holidays!
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Originally Posted by arlene delahenty View Post
What dosage do you suggest and for how much longer with the mms drops separately of course!?
I will take the probiotics you suggested and the oregano gel caps.
thanks again
Well, you do not need to use the GSE and the MMS at the same time. Make a decision on which you want to use but I have found that if you do mms on one day and GSE on the next for convienence or what ever you will still make progress.

For the GSE take I would follow with the protocol below and take 4 a day. You really want to cover the life cycle of this critter. I use Nutribiotic Brand and have tried other brands and not been satisified. The one I use has australagus root in it and a couple of other herbs to boost the immune system as well. But oregano oil is of essence in treating giardia according to my understanding.

A naturoapathic doctor who lived near me use to make this recommendation for giardia:

6 weeks of treatment.... no matter what!

Oil of oregano 3 drops 4x day
GSE 8 drops 4 x day

Put the oil into capsules. You can mix them.

Follow treatment with primal defense probiotics. 6 pills twice a day for two weeks then gradually taper dwon to a daily recommended dosage.

I don't like primal defense and others have a hard time with it also yet many do like it. For serious detox and infections I am going with VSL#3. Do a search and you will find it. Even with the mms you need a probiotic and continue it for at least 3 months after the treatment is done.

With the mms, take as many drops as you can tolerate without nausea or diarrhea. Take it every 1 to 2 hours. I can't tolerate it at all on an empty somach so I usually take is about 1 hour or so after eating. Generally anywhere from 4 to 6 drops every one to two hours will fix most conditions... If I had cancer or something I would try to up that dosage but thats not the issue here. Anyway. always start with one drop and work up becasue you have no way to know what you can tolerate. Starting high can blow you away and make you feel like not doing it at all.
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Default much thanks

Just found your reply
new to nat med
didnt check page 2 lol!

thankyou so much for the protocol for giardia
will give you a report, for your interest, after six weeks.
feeling better about it already!
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